Survival Basics – Magnesium Fire Starters

Survival Basics – Magnesium Fire Starters

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It’s always good to have an emergency method to start a fire. Regardless if your camping, bugging out, etc… you always need a way to start a fire to keep warm, cook food, and boil water for safe consumption. This video will show you how to use a magnesium fire starter. You can spend -8 for a coleman branded starter, or get an off-brand starter from Harbor Freight for .

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  1. Great video.
    BTW How long do those last? 

  2. +9gibsonlespaul your useless

  3. +9gibsonlespaul there not useless, the block of magnesium is waterproof and fireproof, there used for emergencys, and these are safe to use

    P.S your a noob

  4. Thanks. I was using it wrong lol. Just striking it. 

  5. I try to use a magnesium fire starter to start a small fire, took out a whole building somehow. What did I do wrong?

  6. It's a lot more stable if you hold your striking hand stationary while pulling the firestarter upwards. It stops you from knocking your magnesium and/or tinder bundle around.

  7. 1. Is that block solid magnesium with that little striker on top?

    2. How much more effective is shaving off magnesium and setting it on fire to just using sparks to set the kindling on fire?

  8. You can skip to 2:00 everything before that is just him talking

  9. Only 7 Dollars My Loves..please go get alot for u & you loved ones..xoxo 

  10. I actually just bought that same fire starter from harbor freight a week ago. I've never used one so of course I youtubed it lol thanks for the video bud.

  11. "I'm sorry, Wilson" Cast away 2000

    Thank you kindly a lot for the video :)

  12. This was very helpful. Thanks for posting.

  13. THANKS for the tutorial, I'm getting stuff ready for spring campouts. 

  14. Awesome thanks I learned now can u sub to me

  15. hell ya now i can boil wooter!

  16. suburbanryder - The Mayor -

    Were you using the Coleman or the Harbor Freight starter in the video?

  17. Just picked up a few of these at my local Harbour Freight store. Nice demonstration.

  18. Practice with it! You got that right. I was trying this for the first time and thought you had to hit the flint bar with the back of a pocket knife or something. I got a few sparks but they were small and impossible to light the shavings with. Watched your video and went back outside and ….. VIOLA! Man have fire!

  19. bravo! thanks!

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