Survival Basics: How to Baton Wood

Survival Basics: How to Baton Wood

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In this short video I’ll be showing you how to correctly baton with a knife through wood, for firewood. Enjoy!
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  1. Nice video

  2. outdoor _ lifestyle01 survivalbushcraft

    where did you get your pants?

  3. You do not need to baton wood and certainly not in a survival situation where you need to save or protect your knife from going to pieses. You can use twigs, sticks and later thin branches and in this way build the fire up. But it is fun

  4. Don't need full tang

  5. its just about quality

  6. you don't need a full tang knife to baton wood. you can baton with a pocket knife or hollow handle survival knife and you should be fine.

  7. I baton wood with a folding knife, it splits well and I have no problems with it.

  8. Good video nice splits.

  9. Great video really enjoyed it

  10. FoRcE bestninja15

    I thought u preferred the bg
    Knife cool vid

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