Survival Basics for Beginners – Part 1

Survival Basics for Beginners – Part 1

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This four-part video covers the basic steps that everyone should take to ensure their safety and survival in the event of an emergency, natural or man-made disaster, societal and/or economic collapse or some other catastrophic event. Starting with the most common reasons to be prepared and detailing the fundamental elements and resources to have in place that will help you make it out alive!

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  1. Very interesting stuff I'm glad I found your channel. I'm also interested in the patriot movement you're speaking of. Is there a community website or wiki I can visit to learn more about that community?

  2. I'm aware but that's not enough if ppl don't prepare they will die plain & simple.So study up get gear & prepare ppl.

  3. I thought you were an idiot….I was wrong and I appologize. sending death threats online makes you a COMPLETE TOTAL FUCKING IDIOT… you should appologize to the world for being the asshole you are. your presence is marked by the shit stain assholes typically leave…a stain called chad tudor.

  4. i hope u die

  5. Thanks for the information this is really helping me.

  6. @thanks4thehelp95 Its not wrong, but you might be preaching to the chior 🙂 

  7. thanks4thehelp95

    Is it wrong for me to say RON PAUL 2012

  8. Julia Riber Pitt

    7:09 – "…deliberate manipulation of the weather…"

    And you still want us to believe you're not wearing a tinfoil hat?

  9. I am who I am because I've been to where those things happen and I live with natural disasters. I also believe that when the biblical apocolypse happens all the bullets, beans and bandaids won't help. I don't think the nature is occuring more I think we are more populated and that our communication is better so we are more aware. 50 years ago we wouldnt have known what was happening in Haiti or even where that was. You started out good and then went off on a tangent. Thats why you get the looks!

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