Survival Basics – Emergency Radio Eton frx3

Survival Basics – Emergency Radio Eton frx3

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This is another segment of our survival basics series of videos. This one is focusing on emergency communications.

We recently bought an eton frx3 emergency radio and this is a basic overview of it’s capabilities. It usually retails for aroun , but we got ours from Best Buy on sale for . The capabilites are:

Power from either 3 AAA batteries or internal rechargable battery.
Internal battery can be recharged by dynamo, solar or USB.
Has AM/FM and 7 NOAA weather stations
Has outputs for headphone and USB power output
Has aux audio input to play music from ipod, mp3 player, etc.

background music provided by MitiS under creative commons free use license. Check out his work at his soundcloud page:

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  1. You can also use the hand crank with no rechargeable battery hooked up and listen to the radio. It's hard to crank and support it to press the power button and then tune to your station but it works. Better done with a helping hand. 

  2. 1 225 231 186owestbanks robkelleymorning5152792258

  3. Got one of these as a gift. I like it except for the fact that I'd rather it be SW than WB.  WB is fine it it's a weather emergency and power is only out for a few days but if it's SHTF then you really want SW.

  4. Good video I bought one of these @Amazon It works great here not far fron u in Elkton,Maryland.Ch 5 on WB Sudlersville Md comes in nice and clear .Yes It will pick up WBAL AM KYW AM and WSTW FM with ease.Great to have in an emergency.The rechargable battery also charges off my computer via USB.

  5. West Texas Prepper

    Timely video for me! Looking at this very radio for emergencies. Thanks for the review! Thanks for the sub too!

  6. These are not that good, but my eton fr 160 sounds pretty good.. I bought one of these and took it back to wm.

  7. I am looking to getting this for a vehicle/bug out bag that I will be carrying in a back pack. Has it held up? 

  8. Crap it is not stereo. Why would anyone even manufacture anything not stereo now a days.  Forget it.

  9. The miniUSB connector is fragile; someone grabbed my radio while it was plugged in to charge, and wound up jerking the internal USB connector off the internal motherboard.  It isn't easily reparable now, so I can't leave it running all the time in the house anymore…and that also means getting a full charge is harder.  Argh.  I wish the internal battery had a bigger capacity, especially to help charge up my iPhone 4S while I'm out camping for a week.  

  10. Christine Kuch-Hailstone

    Without purchasing Eton's USB-compatible AC adapter and wall cord bundle; can i plug a usb cord into the back of the radio; and purchase a "Home Wall Power Adapter + Micro Usb Data Cable Rapid Charger Bundle" on e-bay for $6; then plug the usb cord into the USB home wall AC charging adapter; to charge the rechargeable batteries in the radio?

  11. What if you use the phone output to charge the radio input ?

  12. Mohsin R Parkar

    Great review.. very well documented. Although I did notice you go through the features again.. like the solar panel you mentioned twice and such .. But keep at it my man.. 

  13. Hey I'm in Delaware. New castle is channel 5… And I'm also getting that radio

  14. Riki B. Eyestarone

    Please learn English, it's "run it on" not ran it on. I like the replaceable battery but the design sucks not to store the cable in it.

  15. Your very welcome!

  16. Great expo! Thank you for your narration about features and expectations. Looks to be a nice radio to have for various backup occasions.

  17. have you completed this project!?

  18. ya thanks…im pretty much a prepper, building a decent size battery bank and putting up a few good solar panels this spring, I also have a pretty big Honda generator…Cheer's…

  19. If nothing else just make sure you have good batteries ready for when you need it.

  20. ok, just pulled mine out, it's the Midland base camp with 2 way radio, guess i better get familiar with it before i really need it…

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