Survival Basic Series DVD Part 1

Survival Basic Series DVD Part 1

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Survival Basic Series DVD Part 1

This DVD will be given away at the Outdoor Retailers Show in Utah during and after our seminars. Just thought I would add it here as well in segments for you guys. Thanks for your support!
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  1. Thank you for great tips.

  2. Aw survival school on todays menu we will be serving night crawlers raw straight from the earth,crickets also fresh from the earth and last but not least grasshoppers.! :-)

  3. OH MY GOD it's you!! I have tried and tried finding anything about you since you left D/S Nice to meet you sir. Love your info dvds. Just found you so got a lot of looking learning and listing. Thanks a million for doing this brother.


  4. Cool , here's the youtube only translations into Russian is not correctly translate . Dave all nice and explains in detail , put your finger over .

  5. Michael Pantoja

    awesome video as always great advise Dave just keep'em coming !!!!!!

  6. Survival Basic Series DVD Part 1:

  7. new subscribe…i wish u could do a "zombie apocalypse" scenario or something along the lines of "staying hidden". listen man i've sub'd, a lot of "survival" channels in the last few days and im telling you, straight up, im following your advise…just wanna see what you would do in a situation as to where you "wouldn't" be seen and just like a "Walking Dead" experience you would care for your family or "group" and stay hidden

  8. Awesome video Dave! All of them are great and good survival tips an gear for the guys without a lot of money. Thanks again.

  9. Outstanding video!!!

  10. I like the bungee cords for the tarp shelters as it can simplify things in the dark or when you're tired/cold/wet/sunburnt, if its wet or woods scarce you can collect the sticks as you go and easily and securely attach them to backpacks/webbing, leaving your hands empty, you'll be able to move fast easier and keep that paracord nice and tucked away for other things. 

  11. Nice video thanks.

  12. Great tips, but I have a question can you tell me who is playing the intro?

  13. Dave
    Thank you for being a stant up guy and showing us your skills for freeee
    Because some of us cant affort the money at the moment
    You are a true man and decent person
    Thanks again

  14. Thank you Dave, this is great.

  15. An atv is a good way to get out there and haul all your gear as well good luck dont give up 

  16. have you reviewed wranglerstars hatchet handle

  17. Cool stuff.  My dad once told me that every man should carry, at a minimum, the means to cut, to bind and to make fire.  Oh, and a clean hanky, but that's not all that useful in s survival situation.

  18. Good video, one critique is suggest you really should zoom in and take it a bit slower on that knot work, you use some pretty specialized knots and assume a lot of info and knot ability is pre-learned… everything else is very clear though.

  19. Marlene Mejorado

    Thank am a believer. In survival. Atleast. Main to survive. In case

  20. Rather than look to use trash bags for water proofing your body, I suggest investing in waterproof garments that are lightweight and custom-built for the task. I understand what Dave is suggesting but bags are a very poor substitute. 

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