Super Winter Survival Shelter

Super Winter Survival Shelter

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I carry the reuseable emergency space blanket in the winter time and wanted to test them out to see just how well they really work, I also wanted to use a piece of plastic over it to see how well it would hold in heat if you had to warm up fast! It works really good….. I will do some more testing this winter when it’s colder and in the snow!
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  1. Never tried one of those shelters before. Seems to work really well though!

  2. I am so glad I found your channel. Your tips and tricks make sense, some of the so called shelters and survival shelters some of your male counterparts show require tons of equipment that no one carries with regularly. I have emergency kits in all our vehicles for winter that include a painter's cloth, mylar blankets, 10 tea light candles, a  small sheet pan, 2 vienna sausage cans cleaned out and a clean large soup can, a small first aid kit and packs of peanuts and candy bars. It all fits in a 10x10x6 box and  if any of us break down we should be good to go for a couple of days. Oh, and never forget a few bottles of water.

  3. Creative Redundancy

    Good video demo 😀
    Since winters can be sunny too, the s.blankets work very well to reflect solar heat into a shelter…

  4. I just ordered some Mylar space blankets from Amazon, 10 of them for 7$! Love it! I am running to the hardware store this week to get some painters plastic. We painted our bedroom a few weeks back and I can not believe the size of the piece of plastic that you get for like 3 bucks! I live up in the north close to Canada and one of these upcoming weekends my two brothers and I are going to go out and test this shelter in this December Wisconsin winter! I am super excited to try this out. I plan to keep a vent on one of the ends and have it heavily covered with pine boughs so it will at least allow oxygen exchange. I basically plan to use exactly what you use exactly I will probably put the space blanket as the back lean and the possible add more pine boughs there if possible added insulation. We will also have to put pine boughs underneath us to sleep on to avoid conduction draining our body heat. I can't wait and I am sure it will be a learning experience. It may just get a little cold out in those woods. :P

  5. What about breathing if you close it will you not suffocate without a small opening? Just saying because others might not leave an opening.

  6. Deep South Experience

    My first set ups as a kid were always reused plastic that had covered tomatoes.  They work great.  This was a good one!

  7. works on the same principle as a reflector camp oven, good idea to keep warm.

  8. Well a good Scotsman can set the bells ringing! ….. Try and PM you some lamb ideas tomorrow ! Stay safe … JIm

  9. Bushcraft Girl Karen

    I will be waiting with bells on my toes! I have some ground lamb I don't know what to do with it, i've only tried it once and haven't cooked with it at all! If you got any ideas send them to me!

  10. you are very welcome …… its nice to get a laugh! I will send you some good old Scottish meal ideas sometime …… all cookable in the camp! Take care and stay safe …. Jim

  11. Bushcraft Girl Karen

    Hey I like your idea better!… works in a pinch but got kinda wet if you don't vent it properly, I seen it done the TV and read about it in a book so I thought I would try it! Thank you for the kind words and the laugh too! I needed it! blessings and Take Care Jim!

  12. Again an interesting video Karen ….. but …. please take this advice from a hardened bushcrafter! …. The best thing in the entire world to keep you (Karen that is ) warm on a cold dark night is a big old Scotsman …… we are big and huggy!!! chuckle chuckle … stay safe there Jim

  13. Bushcraft Girl Karen

    I think I will test it more this fall when it's a little bit colder!!!

  14. Essexplodder bjb

    Hi Karen, it would be nice to see the difference between the temp both on the outside & on the inside,
    am still trying to find a cheap supplier for one of those double sized blankets, a
    as usual, have fun, be happy,
    toodle pip,

  15. Bushcraft Girl Karen

    Hey thanks for the great tip using the drum liner even if the leaves are wet! I am putting one in my ER Car Kit too! Thanks you so much for watching and commenting! Take Care and Have A Great Weekend!

  16. I used a drum liner filled with leaf litter as a ground pad. It will help prevent convection to the ground, even if the leaves are wet, and it is almost as small as the emergency blanket. Or you could just build an elevated bed. When I done this it only got into the lower 40's but after having done it I could go much colder. I did an overnighter in it just to see. You will need plenty of firewood. But honestly I think you could stay warm off of the coals alone once you got a good coal bed!

  17. Bushcraft Girl Karen

    Hi Chad, how are you, hope you are well buddy! Just make sure you vent it, it get damp if you don't! Nice to here from you brother! Take Care

  18. Thanks for the video. Reminds me to add the plastic sheet to my kit.

  19. Bushcraft Girl Karen

    Hi! thanks for watching and commenting! they get kinda damp if you don't vent each said tho! I think they are neat for "get warm fast" kinda shelter but I don't know if I could sleep in it all night, but like someone told me if I would vent both side a little it might have been better! Stay tune I may do another test real soon again! Take Care Buddy!

  20. Bushcraft Girl Karen

    Hi thanks for watching, still more to add to it, just wanted everyone to know that you have to have more down on the ground then just that ER blanket or you get cold real fast, so keep something in the car like cardbord or foam pad just incase you can't find dry stuff int he woods like grass or leaves! Hey thanks for watching and Take Care

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