Suburban Survival Tools : Start a Fire with a Water Balloon

Suburban Survival Tools : Start a Fire with a Water Balloon

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Water balloons can be used to start fires when other means are missing. Learn to use water balloons as suburban survival tools from a survival expert in this free outdoors video.

Expert: Rocco Spinelli
Bio: Rocco Spinelli has been training in survival for over seven years; he’s certified and has diplomas in Advanced Tracking & Awareness, Wilderness Survival, and Search & Forensics.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
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  1. Damn was anyone else waiting for it to pop?

  2. Seems counter productive at first

  3. is it ok if the "baloon" was used and has "genetic" material in it ?

  4. well it isn't like people just carry party balloons around


    thats condom!!

  6. Thank you for posting this survival skills videos and I really appreciate it.

  7. Hahahaha, you got me there bro.

  8. A condom, always carry one with ya, lol

  9. well we're humans we'll find a way

  10. If you have a water balloon, why don't you have a fuckinh lighter?

  11. OnlineBlackshot

    i looks more like a condom

  12. yay! i can waste my precious water supply on fire when i already have something else to make it!!

  13. If I'm in the suburbs, conventional fire-making items will be much easier to find. Box of kitchen matches, book of matches from that over-priced restaurant I ate at, Bic lighters from the over-priced gas-station mini-mart, and so on.

    Heck, it's the suburbs . . . I can walk a few yards to my neighbor's house and ask to borrow his phone to order a pizza. Survival completed.

  14. TheRussianGymnast



  15. AlexandarProdaction

    @pikulicluka its a condom dude and every bushcrafter have it in survival kit

  16. Billy Hernande Jr

    That was very cool

  17. @CanItAlready More people in the future will be in a suburban survival situation then wild, 98% of the world live in a populated area.

  18. @CanItAlready I did the video, It's one of 32 ways to make fire and the last I myself would use, The editor cut all these facts when I did these video's.

  19. @CanItAlready You told me that, and look what you wrote in your next comment…

  20. @roccospinelli1 Next time be so kind to click on reply, instead of "replying" unbeknownst to me.
    As someone already correctly stated: if you're in a place that has a supply of waterballoons, you'll probably be able to find much more useful utilities than just that. Besides, the water incident in Uganda could not have been resolved with the "techniques" demonstrated in this video. And, all of these things are natural, they're something anyone would/could do in a "suburban" survival situation.

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