Subnautica – Survival Basics and How to get Started #1

Subnautica – Survival Basics and How to get Started #1

- in Survival Basics

Subnautica – Survival Basics and How to get started #1

Todays video we kick off a new series I’m really interested in and have to thank Meatylock for showing me.

Meatylocks channel

We crash land on some water world and I have to figure out a lot of things.

How to get food in subnautica
How to get water in subnautica (Its harder than just opening your mouth!)
How to find salt in subnautica
How to find silver in subnautica

Oh man its going to be a doozy!

We’ll also start building our base in subnautica!

Let me know if you want to see more guys!

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  1. Scott “QuesaDiaz42” Diaz

    btw fire extinguisher can be used for swimming faster until it runs out

  2. Hey man ! New sub to your channel. Nice stuff. Just a quick question about your settings. I've watched lots of Let's play Subnautica videos since last week (Matthas, Sips) and yours. So I got the game and man, performances are absolutely killing it for me. I have a decent PC (GTX 970 and 16gb RAM) and the game is installed on an SSD and I can't get a solid FPS all the time. I know we can tweak some stuff in the Engine menu (F3) so I wonder, what are you settings ? Do you play on 720p to improve performances ? Thanks !

  3. 17:30 Were those gasopods doing a victory hump? "Yeeeah! We killed Pyro with our underwater fart pods!" xD

  4. God I'm So excited you're playing this because it's fucking awesome and you will love this, unless you listen to deep sea stories by mrcreepypasta because that shit will make you paranoid

  5. Earth alchemist

    You can also grow creep vine in the tank

  6. Earth alchemist

    You know what I just realized how come only this guy is the only one to say hey I'm going to the escape pod to survive this crash

  7. Earth alchemist

    You need a hatch to get in the large aquarium

  8. wow @TDKPyrostasis I never knew you would ever get into this game XD,well can't wait to see future episodes.

    Keep up the good work

  9. stefan roelands

    please more

  10. Pyro if you can get past the radiation, you can acutely fix the dark matter core and get rid of the radiation

  11. pyro do you know that there is a chest on the pod that has water and food in

  12. please do a series Im loving this game

  13. ohh ya the extugesre is heaver so it won't fly so high and the arura will explode so get on top of the esape pod

  14. i love this game

  15. Loving the new series, Pyro. This does look like an addicting game. Looking forward to seeing more episodes. Might end up buying this for myself.

  16. MinecraftGamerJoe

    You did that math pretty fuckin' fast. Faster than I ever could

  17. ScarletDawn SkyClan

    Yassss finally you're getting to it

  18. are you going to do a full playthrough of this, pyro?

  19. Hey pyro I love watching this game I hope it stays

  20. Ermergawd pyro is playin subnatica 

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