Strive to Survive – PA Mountains Part 1 of 6

Strive to Survive – PA Mountains Part 1 of 6

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Strive to Survive - PA Mountains Part 1 of 6

Strive to Survive: Season 1 Episode 1: Pennsylvania Mountains.
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  1. where exactly were you? cold spring? rausch gap?

  2. good stuff!

  3. hahahaha fag

  4. you make rootbeer out of it

  5. @givehope2lives Yeah I could have done that. That's a good idea.

  6. gabe punkgabe millikan

    i havnt seen it but i will go watch it right now 🙂 add me fellow christian

  7. @Kuploosh I wasn't trying to be a troll or anything, I think you did a good job. I see your aim is trying to educate Hikers so Maybe you should put a text box saying hikers should always have maps, or important Documents lamenated or in a clear zip lock bag so people know before they go hiking reguardless if they get lost or not. That way they are more informed about being prepared BEFORE a mishap. Just my opinion:) good job though.

  8. @givehope2lives I figured that a hiker who is lost probably wouldn't have a laminated map. I was trying to simulate a lost hiker situation.

  9. @punkgabe Thank you!!!! Did you see my winter episode?

  10. gabe punkgabe millikan

    i am proud of you. it takes balls of steel to put your own show on youtube. because people tend to make fun of people like you that have talent!god bless you for having a bible!!!

  11. You should have the map lamenated or in a clear bag so it doesn't get wet.

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