Stranded – A True Tale of Survival in the Canadian Wilderness

Stranded – A True Tale of Survival in the Canadian Wilderness

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Stranded - A True Tale of Survival in the Canadian Wilderness

Real footage is used to tell the story of 2 hikers stranded in Canada.
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  1. one should never run with an open knife in your hand

  2. this si bogus, I thought they were on a fishing trip and they are not fishing. Too good a shape and energetic for starving. Who shaves everyday when your in a real survival situation. The plane would have come back after a few days if this was only a 2 day treck. They would have figured something was up when they did not call back. If it was only two days why did they need to call plane back any way he would have known to come back

  3. Seems like BS, sure this is real?

  4. No footage of them on the plane,leaving the plane or of the plane taking off.Sure.

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  6. Andrew Surridge

    this is super phony. good try tho

  7. You guys did a good job on this enactment, next time try and get a little bit more in depths with the foods you cook. Nevertheless good job!

  8. Guys it's not real footage of the missing people. The first thing the video says is "based on a true story". This is entirely a re-enactment. Look at the guy puking at 11:25. That is some of the worst acting I've seen, he is literally pushing his face into where he is "puking" just so he can hide his head behind a log for the camera. They're clean shaven after a week. Also the story doesn't really line up with the plane pickup. They originally said they'd be picked up at 10:30 after 2 days and then they say the guy with the plane will be coming the next week if they don't call. Well it looks like their plan is to stay there so 1 or 2 more days and theyd be picked up anyway. The real story is probably 2 guys who went camping, got lost and never found where we don't know anything about what happened.

  9. I hate to say it, but these guys were not equipped for this journey. If you're in a situation like this you should gather food and fully attempt that radio tower. Idk why they walked back after 6.4 km they should have taken minimal supplies just to make it. Also, why would your tarp and clothing be all camo pattern? If anything you want bright colors, precisely in a situation like this.

    Get to know the area before you move on it. The northern Canadian jungle is no joke.

  10. Chuck Guillemette

    wow really! it's ok to alert people and that's what I got out of it nice vid but a tad over the edge. my opinion only . was entertaining anyway.

  11. Dathi Riser (ReallyDude)

    how do they charge there camera

  12. Dick Richards? Lmao. Totally not an alias

  13. What's with the clean shave? And no other info on these guys on the internet??

  14. John K. Eich Bushcraft.

    That is crazy!!!!!
    They shlda had 3 big smokey fires going the whole time while building a boat soon as the radio got wet they shlda started on a (what if) boat while they still had a little food and energy. By day 6 they shlda been done with it and just sailed the coast with the tarp and paddled as less as possible an just docked in a more open spot to hunt and fished along the way.
    But God bless them I hope they find them one day soon.

  15. Cool video.  That being said, I don't believe this to be 100% true.  It looks to me as if it were staged or made to look like they are stranded or lost.  I did have a chuckle seeing the guys face on camera, all dirty and weather beaten and such.  Although his clothes were damn clean looking to me.  Oh well, I was entertained about a half an hour or so and for that, I thank you.

  16. Where was the footage found?

    What happened to the two guys?

    If the footage was found but not the two guys, does that mean their camp was found?

  17. You speak the truth.

  18. You saw pine trees in the video… wow are you good! And full of bs.

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