Squirrel Trap & Hobo-Fishing – Ray Mears Extreme Survival – BBC

Squirrel Trap & Hobo-Fishing – Ray Mears Extreme Survival – BBC

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Squirrel Trap & Hobo-Fishing - Ray Mears Extreme Survival - BBC

Ray Mears gives some handy pointers on how to find food when lost in the wilderness. Tips include making last resort squirrel traps and survival fishing
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  1. After shelter, fire, water and signaling.

  2. This style of clip is why my partner and I watch Youtube. They consistently make me smile.

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  3. you don't understand my point..

  4. You are not going to fillet the fish, you peanut. We don't have a warm frying pan and olive oil. We don't have a steamer. The only realistic way you're going to cook this in a survival situation is using naked flames from a fire. Literally skewer it up from head to tail, cook it whole and just eat it like a chicken leg, stop when you get to the middle. This is a foolproof way of ensuring you get every available bit of nutrition from it. Cut it before/during cooking and you will lose loads.

  5. and the tin cans are just everywhere out there in the wilderness…lol

  6. Hallowed Be Thy Name

    I don’t trust BBC!

  7. you do it right from the start of your survivalsituation and not when you have not eaten for a week

  8. How long do it take to fish that tiny fish? And how long to make that huge trap? and how long to wait for that poor little thing to kill himself on that huge trap? Loooooog before you are starving to death, I am sure!

  9. Say I wanted to get loans from different sites E.G Wonga, pounds to pocket etc then ditch society with a shit load of camping gear and survival books, what are the chances id be able to survive for the rest of my life in the forest with no prior training?

  10. If you come across a pond like that in Canada it's almost a sure bet to have way larger fish! A collapsible rod and real is in my opinion essential for a camping trip or in a survival situation having one handy stored in a bag is ideal

  11. Beautiful landscape.

  12. Looks to me like the Sierra Nevadas. Such beauty!

  13. Although tripping your tits off is good for moral.. plus you might get some help navigating from your spirit guide.

  14. mushrooms contain chemicals that have been proven to reduce cancer 40 to 80 %, just on 10 grams a day , caloires protein, no but don t count, out little health helpers, greens mushrooms berrys , or you will get scurvy, lol

  15. In wilderness areas it is often easier to catch fish since they haven't seen people and their various fishing gear like lures and flies. Fish are curious about new things that look edible.

  16. Mushrooms have no nutritional value so in a survival situation it is a waste of calories to gather them. Also if you are not 100% sure of what kind they are, you can get sick and lose valuable fluids and food thru vomiting and diarrhea. Not everything animals can eat are safe for people to eat.

  17. It would be nice if you made a video were you explain your whole proces of filet your fish!

  18. And why would he release the fish. LOL!!!

  19. Bushcraftapprentice

    watching him fish annoys me i mean he makes it look so damn easy, i fish quite a bit but i rarely catch anything.

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