Spring Survival – Canadian Forests Part 1

Spring Survival – Canadian Forests Part 1

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This is the first part of our 3 day survival trip in the Canadian mountains of BC. We brought minimal supplies and survived in below freezing nights.

In this part we choose our location and focus on building a shelter and collecting firewood.

Thanks for taking the time to watch. My future videos are much shorter and hopefully more interesting!

Gear Used:
SOG Aegis TiNi – http://amzn.to/ZusLpn
SOG Hand Axe – http://amzn.to/11Qlgrp
Adventure Medical Kits S.O.L. Survival Pack – http://bit.ly/ZXQrhq
Other gear: Tilley Tec-wool hat, Polarmax baselayers, Treksta Assault GTX, 1 cheap plastic poncho, 6 feet of paracord, an extra 20 feet of fishing line.

DISCLAIMER: I’m an untrained and unprofessional amature. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. I am NOT responsible for any harm that comes from anyone trying to imitate me.


  1. Why did you decide to build your bed off the ground? Isn't that a whole lot more work and less insulation that just cutting a bunch of branches to sleep upon?

  2. Frères De Jeux

    And it is legal to do survival ? for fun ?

  3. Frères De Jeux

    Where are you in your video ? Because i'm from canada and I will like to go there :)

  4. u should work on the sound.
    make it a bit louder.

  5. its harde huh

  6. Good old Sports Pal!

  7. MasterLieutenantCeo

    you sweat you die

  8. WOW how hard is it to survive out there??

  9. God just bring a gun and a basket full of food. This is not survival this is bring stuff from home and sit in the woods

  10. What a wimp lol brings all the stuff, all you need is a knife and a fire starter 

  11. lol go back to 1:48
    look at the turtles

  12. Canadian lakes are dirty.

  13. Your survival kit is OK but the rest is pretty amateurish. That flimsy shelter would not do much for you in the wind or heavy rain or heaven forbid, snow. Sorry. Don't lose heart. It took me many years and trial and error to get good at it.

  14. so handsome! :P

  15. TylersAutomotive

    ya, but i'm sure it is 3 days longer than you would last…. btw, where are all your survival vids? just curious…

  16. The Outdoor Adventure

    It's a great place to be!

  17. Why should they, dumb ass. When we ourselves are having trouble with our Gun Laws. And besides, they aren't so keen on freedom and were British Subjects until the 1930's, so technecally, they don't need to have guns since they didn't fight for freedom. Like we did.

  18. The Outdoor Adventure

    Great question. Every site should be evaluated. Most of those falls were from snow over winter.

  19. Dude did i just here you say your a Canadian you cant handle a gun…Im 13 and a pretty small dude and i can handle a 30-60 like nothing iv been hunting and trapping scene i was 6.I just realized that you're a Canadian subject! so you're not qualified to handle a firearm next time think before you talk

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