Space Blanket Emergency Survival Shelter – Wilderness Survival Basics

Space Blanket Emergency Survival Shelter – Wilderness Survival Basics

- in Survival Basics

How to set up an emergency survival shelter with a space blanket. This shelter can be easily adapted to make it into a mors kochanski style super shelter.

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  1. Cool video Bill. Thanks mate. I have the Jammer Space Blanket. A bit heavier and does not fold down as small but still a good piece of kit.

  2. Adventure Time Outdoors

    I have seen these in the store I always thought they were a 6.99 version of those garbage 1 dollar ones that rip super easy. I see they are better quality I will have to get some. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Bill, thank you for these videos. I am very grateful for the time and effort you put into them.

  4. That's a cool emergency .

  5. Great stuff.
    Thanks for the video

  6. Good one, Bill.

  7. that looks alot like chiques

  8. wow!,,,,,what a great idea!….thanks for showing this!

  9. NWIPrepper19113

    I like those emergency instructions on the backside of the blanket. Will have to get a few. I do have several other brands and an escape bivvy though. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Woodsman SurThrival

    I'm from southwestern pa and i'm putting together a meet and greet soon at mingo creek county park if your interested

  11. very nice shelter Bill!
    well done!

  12. I haven this two-person heat sheet. Thanks for opening it and showing the details.

  13. Looks like it will do the job 🙂
    – Martin

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