SOS Food Lab Survival Pack

SOS Food Lab Survival Pack

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SOS Food Lab Survival Pack

Sensible Prepping presents: S.O.S. Food Lab Survival Food Pack. 2400 calories of life sustaining food for a survival emergancy. Coast Guard Approved and a real life saver. Plus it taste great!

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  1. Today is your chance to be part of saving our ancestors' lost ways. here is guide

  2. What about after eating complications? You know gas, bloating, diarrhea….

  3. impressive how you open that. geeze

  4. Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad

    And now 4 years later………the price has doubled……… because of publicity from here no doubt:(

  5. Hahahaha the end is awesome! Right on brother!!!

  6. So does it taste like pie crust? or does it just feel like a pie crust?

  7. does increasing the caloric content reduce shelf life, cause I figured survival food should be extremely high in calories cause you don't know how long you will be lost.

  8. Here in the UK, a common survival bar is call Kendal Cakes. They're basically solidified blocks of sure with added nutritional fats, proteins, vitamins and a mint/chocolate coating, depending on your taste.


  9. Christopher Anthony

    GRAS= Generally Recognized As Safe.

  10. Hey SP, could you possibly use the sempty wrapper as a container to boil water in?

  11. Where u buy this food bar

  12. It's not bad, but it gets tiring after a while

  13. I just wanted to say that you are a very good host. Your reviews are nice and thorough and well made and you are well spoken. Makes your stuff very easy to watch as I know I'll get the info I need all without it being sub-par quality. Keep up the good work and keep on preppin!

  14. Looks like there are notches on the sides. I'd say those might be for tearing it open.

  15. Kevin adi Notarianus

    Smaller than mre

  16. Hey Bruce, I'm not diabetic & I don't have a heart issue…mind if I eat some?!?!

  17. I CAN'T use these- I do not DARE!
    I'm a diabetic, with a heart issue. The sugar & Corn Syrup will kill me. These "food" bars are Stroke City! For someone in PERFECT health, these might be okay, but I will not use them, nor can I in good conscience, recommend them.

  18. Keep in mind that even through this may give the calories needed, they are empty calories and it will not give the nutrition needed. Although high in carbs, 1 bar will only give about 4% protein, 15% Vit A and C

  19. Thanks for sharing. LOL at you at the end!

  20. GRAS – Generally Regarded As Safe.

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