Solo Mountain Overnight Summer Heat and Thunderstorm / HD Bushcraft Survival Video

Solo Mountain Overnight Summer Heat and Thunderstorm / HD Bushcraft Survival Video

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Solo Mountain Overnight Summer Heat and Thunderstorm / HD Bushcraft Survival Video
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  1. Wow that was beautiful ! 🙂 Good work! 🙂 Greetings from Ireland! 🙂 I love taking some aerial footage and castles! 🙂 Well done on your video! 🙂 Thumbs up from me! :)

  2. HI Taro! I just discovered your channel and I think this is great! I'm Swiss too and a beginner at bushcrafting. I'm just curious, in what parts of the country do you usually go to shot your videos? Cheers and keep posting please! :-)

  3. Gefällt mir sehr gut deine Art zu Bushcraften. Bilderbuch

  4. I love your voice and you have so great videos

  5. Der Waldläufer

    Hi Taro, ein sehr schönes Bushcraft/Survival Video. Welches Maß hat dieses Tarp? Noch eine Frage: Wenn es mit Sturm so richtig zur Sache gegangen wäre, was hättest du dann gemacht? Würde mich sehr interessieren wie man sich dann richtig verhält. Absteigen wäre wohl zu gefährlich. Tarp schnell abbauen und sich damit dann einrollen oder so?
    LG Manfred

  6. Taro,  discussion off topic.  Noted you don't have a topic on water purification or safety.  Trying to find the appropriate vid to connect this discussion 8/16/2015.

    Water purification:

    Just off a dialogue with YT biblesandbarbells about water purification using tyvek housewrap.  Tyvek envelop and superglue bottom shut. Tyvek is micro pore (potentially micron pores, millionth of inch) that can/could be used in water purification of particles, molds, mildews, germs, bacteria, bugs.  Virus (nano bugs, billionths inch) might get through.

    But, then I mentioned that the steripen (inside a metallic water bottle) intense UV kills the breeding DNA, so no disease population increase.  But, truth is high UV irradiation in city water filtration systems does the same and KILLS all life-thingies.  And so does a rolling boil.  Then it hit me.  Why not have water purification via tyvek envelopes (superglued shut at the bottom) and filters water into open glass container.  Gets majority out.  Then take whatever size glass container and put into SOLAR OVEN (definitely a bushcraft newly discovered technique) and solar UV irradiate the c–p! out of the virus/germs/bacteria, but also potentially get up to rolling boil.  Tah dah.  safe outdoor processing of needed clean and clear water!!!!

    Hope this gives people some new options for their homesteads, and bushcraft water safety protocols.  New bushcraft item would be to have a solar oven for water purification!   At a homestead, a long solar oven tube unit with a clear glass tubing running water through it will do the trick for water purification!

  7. BluegrassBushcraft

    Another awesome video Tarro. You are living life to the fullest. That storm looked like it was going to get rough. What type of wood did you use for the bowdrill?

  8. Hey I think I have the same pack.  I would love to see what you carry, or your load out of the pack.  Do you find it big enough or at least easy enough to attach things to it?  I love your videos, especially your locations.  Just Beautiful.

  9. i love this guy.
    (And not just because his English is far better than my German and French;)

    And he's totally right: you need to pack prepared food that can be eaten cold in case you can't hunt/fish/forage anything or can't cook over fire.

    i would love to hear more about that tinder fungus. Will any species keep insects away, or only specific kinds?

    Would also love a rundown of the gear. i definitely recognized East German rain camouflage as his ground cloth, and that looked like a 5.11 backpack,but the tarp was harder for me to identify as i haven't seen that design before.

    7:40 – Awwwww, come on!! We already saw you have a Ferrucerium rod! Why must you show off your bowdrill skills???? ;D

    Keep sharing your love of nature with the World! With such technocratic chaos currently enslaving most of us, we can all learn from your appreciation of simple living and ancient communing with a natural coexistence. 

  10. YOUR ADVENTURE CHANNEL - Bushcraft Hans

    Hi Taro, richtig cooler Video. Bringt alles rüber worum es eigentlich geht. Be part of nature! LG Hans

  11. Awesome video Bro! I really enjoy your channel. Looking forward to the next one

  12. Moin Taro, sehr beeindruckend. Minimales Gepäck – maximale Leistung. Also deine Ruhe möchte ich bei einem Gewitter in den Bergen auch mal haben. Ich saß mal nur mit Poncho nahe der Winkelmoosalm (Reit im Winkl)auf einem erhöhten Flecken und das Gewitter tanzte um mich herum. Brauche ich nicht mehr so hautnah.:) Lg Jörg

  13. Hi Taro! Your vídeos are always very very good. I like because it all very simple, minimalist, the bushcraft true. Many thanks my friend, you is "10". Stay safe, all the best to you, strong hug!

  14. That english with german akcent 😀 I know that feel so much :D

  15. check my new camping video!

  16. Hast nun 1001 Likes.

  17. Noch eins deiner großartigen Videos. LG Enrique und ein Like von mir.

  18. Liked. I enjoy your videos and look forward to your next one.

  19. Max Rockatansky

    Hallo ! …sehe ich das richtig, dass du ein Baumwoll T-Shirt trägst ? Das finde ich interessant, denn ich finde Baumwolle vor allem bei warmen Temperaturen einfach am angenehmsten.

  20. Mark Harrington

    Fantastic. You are awesome (from the American perspective). Like your style of travel and camping. You're super chipper in the morning after only 4hrs sleep! Used to live South of your area (I assume) in Lugano. You seem to be in great alpine terrain. I'm about to do the 100 Mile Wilderness over here.

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