Solar storm survival plan

Solar storm survival plan

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Experts say that an extreme solar storm will strike Earth within ten years, disrupting our use of modern technology and potentially shutting down major power grids and communication networks.

As astronomers continue to closely monitor the high-level activity occurring on the surface of the sun, the White House has revealed plans that would respond to such an event.

Produced by Lamar Salter. Narration by Graham Flanagan.


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  1. This is BS.
    2 weeks ago the planet was hit with a solar storm, it caused some problems with airplanes etc but could quickly be resolved

  2. i will be looting food

  3. fucking bullshit propaganda. 95% of the people will never experience a solar flare in their lifetime. Just another way to try induce fear in some people.

  4. 12% for the next 10 years!! I can live with that :)

  5. Leaving us the dark (it says us, typical murican where only murica exists?)
    Also title does not fit video. There is no survival plan (wrong video uploaded?).

  6. squeak squeaker

    Solid Plan

  7. 12%. Damn.

  8. Well… shit.

  9. Rather how to survive ISIS

  10. So the plan is to make a plan?

  11. Whats the plan ?

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