Silver’s Unreal World Tutorial (Survival Basics And Hunting)

Silver’s Unreal World Tutorial (Survival Basics And Hunting)

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Though it is quite a bit longer then intended i bring you my half tutorial half let’s play of unreal world, where i cover the basics of character creation, navigation, survival, hunting, tanning and preservation of food, even hunting with a dog.
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  1. since when this game is not free?

  2. "Get some milk from him" ;)

  3. Hey Silver Dragon Gaming, what mods do you use in this video?

  4. This helped alot I couldnt last more than a month because I couldnt sustain myself, thanks so much.

  5. holy shit so many commands. f this game, thought id enjoy the realism but the commands so unnerving. if anyone is looking for an awesome survival game but much more understandable try Neoscavenger. I played the shit out of that game…

  6. Great video! (it's a bit long though)
    All the small tips like wielding the javelin saves a turn or how to hunt down a deer and so really helped me a lot. I'd love to see another video about building a "house" and some more tips if possible :D

  7. Did you say quick?! this video is 1 hr long!

  8. This is so helpful, thanks. :D

  9. Where can I find the crafting mod?


  11. Adam Brzezinski

    Hey Silver, are you going to be doing more Unreal World videos? This one has a lot of views and they are super helpful!

  12. How do you get to chose your Frame size?

  13. it doesn't make any sense that deer fatigue much faster than a guy with equipment

  14. Oscar Cobian (Liltraceur)


  15. Hope you get back playing this one, it was updated with a new graphical tile and day/night cycle.

  16. is this game based on the youtube channel "Primitive Technology"?

  17. Thanks a lot for this video explaining the game. I got wind of this on twitter a couple of days back courtesy of Rock, Paper, Shotgun post. Purchased on Steam but found out after that it was also available for free. No big deal for I have no problem supporting indie game developers, however I would like to see this on the iPad so I can play this on the go.

    Anyhow, great job on the video and will use this as a source along with URW wiki

  18. Thank you My Lord! Been playing the game for years like yourself, and bought it while on sale on Steam [v3.30] – fun game and has mods.

  19. Did you make a tutorial on the old version that came out on the day of the new versions steam release?

  20. I believe "njerpez" is meant to be pronounced "NYER-pez".

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