RimWorld – Raids, OCD Base Upgrades and Surviving the Snow! E4

RimWorld – Raids, OCD Base Upgrades and Surviving the Snow! E4

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In this episode of the RimWorld Let’s Play we fend off Raiders, improve upon our OCD friendly base and try to Survive our first Snow!

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  1. Big fan, loving this series!

  2. Hey Nick. FYI if you melee a shooter, they can't shoot and forced to melee you, so in this case if you can bring a knife to a gun fight and get in front of their business, then you could have the advantage!

    Also recommend walling off your crops (but stop the roof creation), Animals will consume them in the winter months. But you can grow them hay which is easy and grows quickly :)

  3. Elizabeth Reese


  4. do you have a green/blue shirt :)

  5. 1080p(60fps ) +
    mic a little off –
    face cam is well …. a little disturbing –
    good confidence +
    good game +

    nice video but a little weird
    ( check out my Chanel if you get the chance )

  6. Oat like fists comment

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