RE Factor Wilderness Survival Card

RE Factor Wilderness Survival Card

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In this video we take the RE Factor Wilderness Survival Card that was a part of the June 2015 Man Can and put it to use. We have our special guests Scott Moore, a primitive weapons and survival expert and his two sons Clint and Dallas take a stab at creating some useful implements with the card.



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  1. Maybe add a lockpick in place of one of the spear tips. Or a simple razor-blade. Maybe a file.

  2. No fucking snares! Bastards!

  3. Michael Helterbran

    lol guy got pissed when his son kept waving the spear in front of his face

  4. if I have fishing line on me I'm going to have a lot more things. to bad you had to use a hammer instead of a rock.

  5. SanativeRevolution

    RE is TOTALLY underrated. Check them out, I've ordered from them for several items. You won't be disappointed.

  6. I love it when intellectually inferior rednecks try to use big words; it's so damn hilarious.

  7. scott is a real clown. in the weekends he goes on survival in his backyard and when the shit hits the fan and time to really survive he does not know what to do.

  8. I think that high and tight is the highest and tightest that I've ever seen but as a combat vet I would still be too scared to tell him that. HAHAHA

  9. James Hightower

    Where can I get this for $3? I see them costing between $13 and $20. I read that the saws were useless, but who would try to cut a tree down with it? lol. It looks perfect to make a slot in the end of a stick to attach an arrow or spear head… (making a gig or trident etc as well) .. I would think the little saw would just be for cutting a slot for a head, maybe notching but most would at least have some sort of knife. Then you tie it on securly with some good waxed thread. which a spool of is pretty small and portable.. Now that is a decent bow, so I would like to see these tests with a bow made by hand with materials that can be found outdoors.

  10. the only I have learned is that, I didn't know potatoes and watermelon is protein. I really wanted to watch you guys go thru all the time to fix the spears and arrows up and didn't use them for , protein.

  11. those tactical crocs….

  12. 10:13 fuck you doing boy get that stick out my godamn face!!!

  13. Nice information thank you for the video

  14. What did he use to tie the arrows. it looks so primitive and cool.

  15. Call Of Minecraft

    where the hell did it say your going to get the bow

  16. Iraqveteran8888 kinda reminds me of Ralph wig gums from the Simpsons

  17. Robert Deniro this boy's life

  18. Someone better call children's aid lol just kidding

  19. картошку поймали)))

  20. That is slick shit, bro!


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