Ray Mears’ Extreme Survival S02E05 – Mountain Survival

Ray Mears’ Extreme Survival S02E05 – Mountain Survival

- in Survival In Mountains

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  1. Why didnt he just follow the stream of the creek with his son?

  2. 0:27 what is that song/opera name

  3. Good thing he happened to have that expensive saw with him. Remember that one when you go skiing next year folks.

  4. all he does is talk about the most basic stuff.  i didn't learn anything new.  Very weak program. And I don't need all that stupid God crap stuffed in.

  5. That bastard tried to kill his son.

  6. I see a place for a flat screen.

  7. Fons negentienachtenvijftig

    All of a sudden he shows a saw…????

  8. Snow caves look dead cozy

  9. Anybody know what music is played throughout/credits ?

  10. 16;00 min those don't look like lenticular clouds to me … more like cirrus, mares tails, one should never use a gas fuel stove "In" the cave … apart from that a great video as always Ray

  11. it may be sound advice but honestly who the hell is goin to take a full size wood saw with em for a days skiing? i can see that bein a really attractive talking point at the piste bar over lunch. just watch the girls run to your table when you bring out particular bit of kit.

  12. i watched ray lots of times,and hes all right,but the fact that he hasnt once swung from a vine,jumped of a cliff or drank his own piss,is making me start to question his survival skills..cuz if theres one thing bear grylls has taught me no matter what happens a couple of swigs of your own piss ,and everything will be fine..like if bear was with that kid,i bet he would have pissed in that kids mouth 15 20 times in 9days!!,and they would have lived happily ever after..

  13. Dear Ray, nice video just one correction. At 10:54' where you explain about the necessity of an air vent, it is certainly important to ventilate the shelter, even though not from Carbon Monoxide (CO), but from Carbon Dioxide (CO2) which is what you exhale in your breath as a product of your inner metabolism. 

  14. inspectyerbooty

    saved both their lives by splitting up. wow ironic and awesome :D

  15. It is carbondioxide, not carbonmonoxide, that builts up without ventilation, 🙂
    It is not toxic, but you suffocate.
    Ray does a very good job. Very, very good!

  16. Isn't there a chance of the snow ceiling collapsing on your in your sleep?

  17. oh my god rays monobrow is annoying 

  18. danm i realy like him..!

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