Ray Mears’ Extreme Survival S02E02 – The Rocky Mountains

Ray Mears’ Extreme Survival S02E02 – The Rocky Mountains

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  1. Outdoorsman Derek

    Really bummed the audio was muted on this. F@(k BBC and corporate greed. Completely goes against the bushcraft and survivalist mentality.

  2. thanks bbc. now, if i die in the rockies, my family can sue you. i will include this screenshot in my will.

  3. Whiskey River (Doc)

    Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! The entertainment industry. The only profession in the world that expects to be paid more than once for a product or a service; even long after anyone involved in the production is dead and gone. However, in some cases, don't blame the BBC alone……..you know damn well, good 'ol Ray is counting his millions; one sixpence at a time.

  4. +darkorian321 reupload?

  5. Jeremiah Gillanders

    Why mute this one episode? Anyway other versions of this same episode are unmuted and available on youtube, So the mafia of bears that did not want you to know bear survival tips for free are smarter than the average bears but not that smart. Arggh that bear mafia is bunch of assholes, they deleted the 3rd part of this episode, the guest on his show that introduces bear survival is the Ass who pulled copyright bullshit to prevent his bear survival tips from being shared what a ass.

  6. BBC Cock suckers. We (TV Licence payers) paid for the making of the program in the first place!!!!!!!

  7. Great no fucking sound

  8. FlirtedWithDanger ItGotClingy

    Are you shitting me? muted?

  9. Please take the copyrighted audio track off this video and then re-upload it so it has sound again. Thanks.

  10. christopher Bell

    all this guy does is get the locals to carry in all his crap.eats like a pig  and then gets someone who was in a a real situation of survival to tell their story. He shows no survival skills what so ever . its not him that is interesting its his guests that have the interesting stories. Its amazing how many people dont understand the concept of bears shows. Hes an adventurer and a survivor. He performs dangerous stunts in his show because its what he loves to do and it makes great Tv. Bear never ever advocates taking the physical risks he does in real survival situations.

  11. well this vid is now pretty much useless
    what a shame

  12. harry watkinson

    No audio?

  13. Ray Mears' Extreme Survival S02E02 – The Rocky Mountains: http://youtu.be/0eeoq1BkP4k

  14. cant get over that uni.

  15. If the guy in the Volkswagen didn't knew that he left a small piece of cheese under the front seat, then who told this ranger that that's why the bear "destroyed" the VW? Did the bear told him: "Hey I smell that pice of cheese 20 miles from here." 

  16. Great episode. Anyone have any idea on the type of external frame pack Ray is using???

  17. Nice and steady routines.

    * A little of fly antibiotics maybe in the pack and a sun glas for fire back up. The thin plast green color with eyes 2×3 meter is a must, can be in a pocket.

  18. Nice and steady routines !

    *Pack of 500 mg fly antibiotics.

  19. Mushrooms are tricky. You may be fine with eating some species and be sickened next time you eat one.

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