Ray Mears’ Bushcraft S01E02 – Jungle Camp

Ray Mears’ Bushcraft S01E02 – Jungle Camp

- in Survival In The Jungle

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  1. Wonderful. Sorry for laughing, but the villagers paint looks like they went nuts while shaving!

  2. Really great, lovely people and a great humble approach on the part of Ray.

  3. Kind of a tool. Why not call it a documentary rather than Bushcraft because you really didn't do squat.

  4. Peshmerga Warrior

    I wonder how Ray maintained his weight and still looks energetic while he's in the jungle?…

  5. Alex Jeff (keepAlternate)

    51:02 i bet they used a bow drill with the short stick…

  6. Jose Luis Reyes Diaz

  7. Ray Mears is one of the FEW FEW guys that makes me proud to say i'm english he is a standup guy with a truly good soul.

  8. Dennis Barnhoorn

    Love this programm, relaxed guy who really want to teach something about surviving.
    Not another Discovery survival programm where they overreact and make it so much more dangerous then it really is.

  9. was this filmed with a carrot?

  10. this is my favorite of all Ray Mears'  episode ,, just AMAZING ,,

  11. blocking the oxygen in the water is such a cool idea to catch fish.

  12. Fire from Friction
    "When you can make fire by friction, you carry your fire in your mind and in your muscles." – A "wonderful woman" on an island somewhere in The Pacific Ocean.

    A lovely moment of really rather simple significance, when a modern westerner passes his knowledge of bushcraft on to a remote indigenous tribe living in The Amazon Jungle.

    All in, this is approx. 1 hour, with the aforementioned moment at the very end. A good series in glorious technicolor.

  13. notice the Natives were willing to share knowledge. but imagine if the Natives were in the White Man's land, would the White Man be so kind? doubt it.

  14. 28:45 , Ray had whiskey for breakfast lmao

  15. The Stoned Videogame Nerd

    Lol Luis showed Ray how a proper Machete has to look ;).His Parang looks like a childs version compared to the big thing Luis is carrying 😉 I guess such a big machete is reserved for the Chieftain 😉
    But i love that he carries a 20 Dollar Knife made by Mora in Sweden…its a legendary Bushcrafter Knife..only a bit strange that all this Experts carrry Mora or Old Hickory Knifes in real Life…but on their Websites you find Knifes which could you buy the half Mora Factory so expensive they are….but in Real Life they trust their 20 Dollar Mora…i love it 😉

    Same with Dave Canterbury and the pathfinder Axes they sell…you pay 60 Dollar only for the Name…the Axe is 20..cause its a rebranded Marbles Axe…Marbles has found an awesome Company in El Salvador which hand forges Carbon Steel Heads for them.Canterbury buys the same Heads but sells them for 80,and Marbles for 20 Dollar….Yeah…

  16. Such a nice moment when they lit the fire together in the end. Amazing.

  17. I know that Ray Mears' site sells a lot of expensive equipment especially his bushcraft knife but I love that at the end he's rocking a $15 Mora knife. You don't need expensive gear for outdoors recreation or bushcraft.

  18. It bothers me a bit that in fear of losing their society and culture these people have to submit to conforming to modern laws in forms such as cooking technique and clothing. I mean they survive better than most "civilized" 30 year olds. -.-

  19. No rage comments about the 144p? That's weird.

  20. Ray Mears gave them fire techniques, Karl Pilkington gave them Monster Munch crisps.

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