Rachel & Wallace Faagutu // Survival Plan + Kadosh // Onething 2015

Rachel & Wallace Faagutu // Survival Plan + Kadosh // Onething 2015

- in Survival Basics

Rachel and Wallace Faagutu sing their song “Survival Plan” and “Kadosh” (a song by Paul Wilbur) along with a time of spontaneous singing during the Onething 2015 conference.

‘Kadosh’ is Hebrew for ‘holy’

Watch the full worship service here:

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  1. Victoria Heaven MovesEarth into his will.all Heaven mobilaises mighty angels to help als to step into our Destanyto do his will

  2. Larry Flathmann

    Thank you, Jesus! We worship you! :)

  3. Matías Arriagada Ulloa

    Tremeeeendo!!!!!! so powerfull!!!! blessing and greetings from Chile!!!

  4. So cool!

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