Primitive Survival Tools Series- Clay Skillet, Bowl, and Ladle

Primitive Survival Tools Series- Clay Skillet, Bowl, and Ladle

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This video describes the process of harvesting clay and refining it into useful tools for long term survival.

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  1. can you boil water with a clay bowl?

  2. Thanks so much for the video

  3. I don't get that temper thing.

  4. Great video. Only problem is, you use a plastic bag, a plastic "tray" and an iron grid. That's a little to much reliance on modern tech I think.

  5. Will it still work without Temper?

  6. Where can you find plastic, bowl  in forest?

  7. Where do you get the dry clay? I'm used to finding wet clay deposits in lakes and creeks, but I've never notices a big dry section of it anywhere.

  8. J. Anthony Jastrzembski

    Just a quick heads up, ash wouldn't really wouldn't work well, and at higher temperatures is actually used to make glazes. Broken clay shards are usually what's used but historic clay bodies have included bone, shell, and types of rock. Usually you want something with either calcium like limestone. Also, just a heads up, the thinner (for something like this no more than an inch but something like half an inch is better) and more even the pots are, the less likely they are to crack from thermal shock. You can also pack them in saw dust, and I've also used pine needles to help prevent thermal shock.

  9. Bertonni Magnus

    too much primitive.

  10. This is great video and more things just like this are needed.

  11. how much temper to clay ratio?

  12. Looks like Tom hanks has learned from cast away and is now teaching survival classes. 

  13. Do you know of any schools like yours in the Pacific NW? 

  14. Less cracking if you dry the clay for a week.

  15. claudiomar santos

    Great video … Has application including the urban survival … The process was richly described … Missed infomrações of choosing the soil, land, to use … What gives and what does not … You a video with this information ???

  16. Oh, so you have to cook your pots before you can cook with your pots?

  17. I'd like to teach my Obama youth team these skills

  18. Im feeling silly after this but great job boys

  19. Don't you have to put a glaze on it so you can clean it? If so how do you do that?

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