Primitive Survival Tools Series- Clay Pottery

Primitive Survival Tools Series- Clay Pottery

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This video describes how to make pottery for survival purposes completely primitively!

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  1. that branch was most certainly in the way

  2. dude stop breathing on the mic

  3. The cracks are from too thick of walls and not properly drying it and air bubbles in the clay.

  4. This looks like it was filmed in the 60's with a really bad camera.   I was expecting to see a Bigfoot  :[

  5. brandon shackelford


  6. good video, learned a lot.

  7. 5 successful pots. You forgot about the one in the fire. Yeah sounding like darth vader breathing. Good video looking forward to trying this.

  8. Greatly instructional video, many thanks. It's a bit weird to hear the cameraman breathe so loudly though.

  9. Sigma 3 Survival School

    watch our other pottery videos for finishing. thanks

  10. Sigma 3 Survival School

    watch our other pottery videos for finishing. thanks

  11. Sigma 3 Survival School

    yes we have another video that covers this.

  12. Sigma 3 Survival School

    we have another video that goes through the firing process, where we make a set of clay utensils and then fire them. This isn't a finished product, they require firing from here.

  13. Will the clay in that state hold water, or is there another step?

  14. GREAT! I WILL SHOW THE HIGH SCHOOL KIDS IN MY CERAMIC CLASS THIS. I tell them every year, you can go to a stream or river and get clay dirt that you can make your own pottery from. God video, thank you

  15. Sigma 3 Survival School

    yeah we will be making a new one soon!

  16. whats up with the heavy breathing? annoying as hell!

  17. Great video, but that branch WAS in the camera man's way! LOL snap that thing off!

  18. Sigma 3 Survival School

    that is a below ground kiln. Dig hole and place pots in it and make a huge fire on it all day. sand will work well

  19. Also when your firing, could you place them in sand and heat the sand up to cure the keep them from cracking

  20. Oh yeah when adding to the clay can I use wood ashes

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