Primitive Survival Tools Series- Bamboo Fish Spear

Primitive Survival Tools Series- Bamboo Fish Spear

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This video describes how to construct a bamboo fish spear for survival fishing. Make sure to catch the rest of the videos in the series.

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For world class survival gear tested by our instructors and approved by Sigma 3 visit our Survival Store

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  1. I like his dog

  2. I like your dog

  3. Get right with Jesus while you still can. God is providing us with the tools of our own destruction.

  4. Good

  5. where did U get it knife??

  6. Virginia Bradley

    Bamboo can be fire-sharpened as well!
    I think you have taught many great survival tips… thank you for all the vids.

  7. why dont you show how to do it. those that can do those that cant teach

  8. SuperEngineered

    When you sharpen the quarters, I usually see people put the tips on one edge in a kind of tanto blade style for extra strength. Usually it's with hardwoods for making arrows, so would that still apply with bamboo or does it not really make a difference?

  9. Sigma 3 Survival School

    Tops Knives Fieldcraft by Brothers of Bushcraft

  10. moviesfromjeroen

    7:08 what is the knife? i wand to buy one

  11. I just made this was loads of fun can't wait to try it!

  12. Well you might think i am asking something stupid but i really want to know that. I am just a kid, my parents are taking me to Thailand and they also planed to ride a speedboatto some islands. I am afraid there's sharks so can I use this weapon to frighten them off? pls tell me the answer I am leaving soon.

  13. Sigma 3 Survival School

    that is tracker my dog. he is our school mascot. he is very much like a wolf

  14. at 9:02 is looks like theres a dead wolf behind you lol

  15. Awesome vids on your page. That is one great looking dog, what breed is it?

  16. hector villapudua

    dude u r awesome can u please make more primitive weapons and maybe more fishing techiques but u r great teacher

  17. Sigma 3 Survival School

    TOPS Fieldcraft designed by brothers of bushcraft

  18. Sigma 3 Survival School

    just stick it in the coals of the fire and rotate

  19. Nice video. Can you explain a little about how you fire-harden one of these?

  20. Really awesome video man. I'm going through your entire playlist and learning a lot.
    Wanted to suggest something for towards the end of your video when teaching people how to actually use the spear. It's important to know about refraction and to aim lower than what you're seeing of the fish because the light refracts upon entering the water.

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