Primitive Survival Tools Series- All Purpose Spear

Primitive Survival Tools Series- All Purpose Spear

- in Survival Skills

This video describes how to make a spear that has a small game point, a fishing point, and a noose for catching small game. Check out the entire series of Primitive Survival Tools.

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  1. İt doesnt count if you use a steel knife

  2. Outdoorsy Bitch

    I absolutely love these videos, learning all these new things to do in the outdoors. and I would totally marry Rob. <3

  3. Leonardo Maldonado

    verry so cool … but like its  describe survival .. some times theres no rope or susavy knive .. 😉 other than that thumbs up guys .. exelent ..

  4. Man I absolutely love your vids! I'm hoping my fiancé and I can attend some of your class's nect spring or fall!

  5. The stitchy project


  6. Nice I need to make one

  7. In my state, we're talking huge fines and jail time for night hunting and using a spear. 

  8. spinalfluidontap

    Put a bleeder channel down  each side of the spear point. It will bring a lung shot deer, caribou, etc down quicker as they will bleed out faster.

  9. Stay on point! The video was about a spear, not higene, throwing stick, headlamps or hunting/fishing techniques. It seems as though you get distracted, go all over the place explaining everything else along with the spear. You are even messing around with a protected species of bird. Oh, and doing that on video so the authorities have their evidence against you, not the best of ideas. Your subject matter was the spear. Not all the other stuff. Did you even think of hardening the wood? You made no mention of that. Perhaps because you were worried with all the other stuff you forgot to mention how very important that fire hardening a spear is. The people that came before us fire hardened their spears because it was very important in its functiality. How about rubbing it down with fat or oil? How about using pine pitch glue on the lashing? How about using a natural home made cordage instead of paracord? I mean, because in keeping with the true spirit of bushcraft, you should perhaps try utilizing what you can find around your campsite. 

  10. instead of a noose, just add a hook by lashing a small stick to the spear shaft and propping it out to make barb to grab things with.

  11. did you fire harden the fish spear with the paracord on? 

  12. zyxwvutsrqponml1234

    am I the only one that finds it ironic that your title is "primitive" survival tools and you keep touting the use of a headlamp ?

  13. theultimatemadman

    i love youre survial i might go there one day but now i'm too young

  14. Dwight E Howell

    Turkey vultures, yum, yum. not. I think I might rather try catch fish/minnows/crawdads but each to their own.

  15. What kind of knife is that

  16. Go freakin Arkansas

  17. also what do I need to bring to your sigma 3 survival standard class

  18. what knife is that

  19. Great video, subscribed


    tryin it

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