Primitive Survival Skills: How To Weave Cattails

Primitive Survival Skills: How To Weave Cattails

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Primitive Survival Skills: How To Weave Cattails

A short demo on basic basket weaving using cattail leaves.For more free online wilderness survival and bushcraft skills please subscribe to this channel and visit my free online survival school at my blog at http://www.RealitySurvival.Com Don’t forget to Click the Thumbs Up! Subscribe & Share this on Facebook and Twitter! I really appreciate it! Cheers JJ

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  1. if you don't have trash bags or condoms you can use guts an pee bladders thy  hold water just as well an there less toxic 4 you then plastics !!!

  2. Sherry Fingerlin

    I wish I could have heard what you were saying.

  3. Reality Survival

    YEP, no problemo. I have heard that if you steam the leaves it helps make it more workable.

  4. Very cool! Thanks.

  5. Reality Survival

    Great advice. Thanks.

  6. Can't hear half of what you are saying ,but when the music plays it is plenty loud enough…need to edit your videos before posting.

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