Primitive Fish Trap -Survival Basics- Build and Catch

Primitive Fish Trap -Survival Basics- Build and Catch

- in Survival Basics

The start to finish build of a Basic Primitive Fish Trap. Set and check, the trap is effective, effecient, and as shown highly successful.

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Disclaimer: This trap was built for educational purposes only and is not a suitable or sustainable method of catching aquatic life. The building of such traps is not advisable as it can negatively impact the local ecology and is thus illegal in many states.

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  1. you should go on alone your really good at wilderness survival

  2. Seems like trapping such a great catch in a small area would attract snakes

  3. first of all thanks for the lesson. got a question.
    isnt this a bit risky because of water snakes? you spend a lot of time in there building and checking mostly focused on your work and the water wend really muddy. over here in germany you could do this blind and drunken. guess as a texan you are used and know how to handle it but i sure was thinking about this the whole video.
    spend a year in the woods and my biggest concern was to not get injured in any way so im really wondering

  4. Love your videos but most of this is hard for me being in Arizona

  5. soon become a racoon pool party.. lol..

  6. How do you now all of this?

  7. The Alligator Snapping Turtle

    it is a bluegill sunfish, way different from perch

  8. Interlaken Como

    New videos please and thank you !!!

  9. that was a pleco. u can tell by the mouth. its not an armored catfish

  10. Andrew Rodriguez

    nice videos

  11. thanks for all the detailed footage. you're awesome

  12. these traps have been found 200 ft below the sea level on ancient river beds

  13. Curiously, those armored catfish are in my humble opinion one of the tastiest river fish, at least around here. It is a pain in the ass to gut and clean them, but once you do it the meat is very good. I live in Brazil and those are somewhat common in small to medium sized rivers here. When i was a kid, we used lay baits at sunset and then come back at night with casting nets for the prize hahaha.

  14. First step to becoming this awesome of a survivalist:
    A dog that's boss ass enough to do it all, but hangs out and supervises <3

  15. hi bob, i'm really starting to like your videos and watching a couple everyday but there are a few things u need to improve. first, have the camera close up on all the creatures that you catch. second, the scrolling text editing that you did needs to be more compact rather than spaced so much and scrolling for so long vertically can be very annoying. i hope you improve in your future videos. good luck!

  16. 9:16 mark. Ultimate survivor realizes that using teeth are better tools than knife. Bravo!

  17. thanks Bob that was very helpful if your in a servival situation, thanks for sharing.

  18. also many could do the samething at high tied and trap much more dureing the run out

  19. i would set several of theses …small ….to large …..

  20. Incredible video! Love how gently you're handling the wildlife. Very well done

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