Prepping Plan – Basic – Level 1

Prepping Plan – Basic – Level 1

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Prepping Plan - Basic - Level 1

In my initial Prepping Plan video I laid out the framework to help keep you focused on the essentials to get you started. In this video I discuss some options for Food and Water storage to help you reach the Basic level and Level 1.

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  1. very well thought out approach and very well articulated. I believe that Dinty Moore says on their website that the best used by date on their cans is for taste and that they believe that under proper conditions the food should have a very long shelf life. We buy the 8oz Sam's Club bottled water – that way it can also be given away or bartered without a major dent in your water supply.

  2. Thanks for the video. I was also thinking, man that's a lot of salt. But would work I suppose.

  3. Salobrena Smith

    That's a good point, having cooked food, which is all can food, but it's important.. plus you don't need to add water

  4. Most canned foods are fine to eat well beyond the printed expiration dates. The same with medications.

  5. Freedomring 1775

    Gd vid THX …your emergency drinking water has expired:)

  6. military nut 101

    canned foods are good until you break the seal open then you must eat them they put expirations on those so you buy new items.

  7. I'm drinking right now. You're disclaimers are freakin hilarious. Good video, bro.

  8. Please more videos been waiting for forever :(

  9. Good advice. But how about what I do with my short-mid term items. I have a big pantry in the basement where I keep a ferry months can goods, dry foods, etc. I just rotate my stock as I replace items I use. Long term foods (dry beans, pastas, rice, cereals & grains) are vacuum packed in 5 gal buckets & kept in a cool, dry, place.

  10. Good information.

  11. hmmm, not sure I would recommend cooking them in their tins.
    Those tins are coated on the inside to prevent the food acid from reacting with the metal, cooking the items will release chemicals in the food.  In an emergency, sure, but don't make it your plan.  Just my two copper pieces…

  12. thanks for the info, liked and subscribed

  13. Very good advice on this level and very helpful to take it one chunk at a time. Another way to make your large tins last longer is before any emerg. happens those large cans can be dehydrated for long term and it would also help in making MREs. Thank you for so much info to get started

  14. I live in Hawaii. They said the crash is probably sometime in September. Should I worry. I'm starting to store dried saimin (raimin) cases. I have to collect water. Anything else. My e-mail is Would appreciate It My name is keith

  15. lol, that's a lot of pre-produced salty food if you only have 6x125ml of water for three days. Actually, the kit would've been better if they just filled it with water and maybe 3 snickers bars, as you can easily go without food for three days. The pre-prepared kit is counter productive as food dehydrates you and with so little water you're better off with no food lol.

  16. Great video.  I would add:
    1. Make sure storage food cans are free of dents and are clean.  Check for expansion / blown up cans on a regular basis and discard immediately.
    2. Use a marker to write the expiration date in large – easy to read markings including when you bought it (the can markings can fade away). Better option get a label maker.
    3. Don't forget cheap and tasty storage options (rice, dry cereal, dry milk / shelf milk, beans, noodles, crackers, hard candies, syrup, sugar, honey, and jam/jelly.)
    4. Store it in as cool, dry, and dark a place as possible given your situation.
    5. Don't just have one can opener, as he said. 
    6. Don't forget picky eaters.  Children often will not drink warm water.  Plan for Kool-aid, Lemonaid, or other drink mixes to ensure they stay hydrated.

  17. what are you prepping for?


  19. Great Tips here! Looking forward to more videos!

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