Preppers Hone Survival Skills for Coping with Disaster and Chaos

Preppers Hone Survival Skills for Coping with Disaster and Chaos

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A man who calls himself Che Bodhi draws a crude map in the dust on the hood of his maroon Volkswagen, a battered car that can run on used vegetable oil.
There’s the United States and all its guns to the south, Bodhi says. Highways 401 and 407 are heavily travelled. And St. Catharines and the Niagara Region are a “funnel point.”
“North,” he concludes, “is the only way that you can truly disappear.”
Bodhi is the organizer of the Annual Preppers Meet, held on a recent weekend on a patch of land near Shelburne, and he knows something about disappearing. I call him after the meet, having heard his name is an alias. He’s evasive and won’t confirm it directly.
“By having an alias, it’s a way to protect my family, and I would really appreciate if you didn’t publish anything in that respect,” he said.
Preppers anticipate various disasters by stockpiling food, honing wilderness survival skills and learning self-defence.
If a Katrina-like storm knocked out power in Toronto, you’d know the preppers by the lights in their windows, running on generators. And if things ever descend into chaos, they’ll grab their prepacked bags, loaded with essential survival equipment, and split, leaving the rest of us to fight over the last drops of gasoline and fresh water.

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  1. I'm in MInnesota, the zombies don't dare come during winter. Trying being out in 50-60 below wind chills. Minnesotans have the best soil for growing food in the summer, and wildlife galore. 10,000 lakes full of billions and billions of fish. 10's of millions of swamps. Deer, turkey, rabbits, ducks, geese, pheasant, quail, and most of us hunt and fish.

  2. A secret bunker that the government knows about is no longer a secret. They will eventually shut it down and call the people that own it terrorists

  3. Derekgough Gough

    What's coming to Americans in the coming weeks will totally wipe out all of your survival plans you won't stand a chance. And when September 23rd comes it's bye bye USA so long.

    The recent internet chatter about September 2015 has suddenly re-awakened prepping. Those who laughed at the 2012 debacle of the Mayan Calendar "prophecies" have suddenly started to stockpile beans & rice, and bottled water. It's a good start, but without PRACTICE, it's not going to save you. SPEND THE TIME TO PRACTICE – COOKING, USING NON-ELECTRIC TOOLS, FIRST AID, ETC. The last thing most people end up "prepping" is themselves.

  5. What a great idea wishing I was in the U.S

  6. IExposeMormonism

    Lord of The Flies……If the SHTF  you should have copious amounts of grains, beans, etc. Water is nice. People are insane when times are normal. So, be careful. You can go deep into the mountains but that presents other problems.

  7. I was lucky just got home to my 24th floor apt. that aug. day back in 2003, my area of Toronto had like over 3 and hafe day's with out power, no one helped me out,and I was stuck in my apt. for those day's I was on my own, couldn't walk down those 24 flight's, was recovering from a broken femur, so found out your on your own when, something major happen's, also major problem is one's medcation

  8. I would love to live way up north, but no driver's license, so no car, and with my medical problem's have to chance staying in home city,

  9. POSTED BY GAZELLE RICHARDSON: Scary prospect if not pre-planned. But at least there are remote areas one may be able to escape to and survive. Very different where I live. Guns aren't legal, and one wouldn't do well in a rain forest full of poisonous snakes, large monitors, gator filled rivers, and excessive heat. Glad we aren't facing what it appears you may be, at least not yet. Learn all you can. Know where you are going, what you are going to need, survival skills. Have been in the states. You have options, places to go, provided you are able bodied and not dependent on medical care. Don't wait till the last minute to leave; could be the end of all your planning. Perhaps you could do some video's on survival for those who can't get out of the urban areas? Sad to think there is no hope for them, but may be so? Blessings, *Gazelle Richardson.

  10. Trust no1 in times of crisis…

  11. Oh ya, always have a paper map of Ontario and Canada close by, because when that happened all cell phones didn't work. I'm not saying that you should be paranoid, but you should be prepared in case SHTF.

    If you have firearms, make sure you have ammunition that is stored just for that reason, because if SHTF you're not going to be able to buy any.

  12. I live 10 miles from Shelburne and believe me, if SHTF you don't want to be on any of the 400 highways. 401,407,410,427,404,403 etc are all packed on a normal business day. I was on the 410 north at steeles Ave going to Queen st after work and it took me 2 hours to get there, and that is only 3 km. it was brutal and now that I live up here, I can go where I have to in case of a similar situation and not have to use any of the highways I mentioned.

  13. So just go to canada and I'm good?

  14. Get the book "Patriot" and read it multiple times.
    James Wesly Rawles

  15. It looks like they are trying to create Hurricane by California and the nw states

  16. The Bible is the only survival manual you need to read.

  17. all's I need is some hemp seeds , water , and food seeds.

  18. AT least 5 hours from a major city and 5 miles from nearest paved road. Solar powered condensation unit for water. 5 giant bags of beans. 5 giant bags of rice. Pellet gun with scope and 22 rifle. Zero degree sleeping bag. 4 wheel drive vehicle. 2 could live comfortably for a year in the wilderness. Only drive the vehicle to get deeper into the wilderness when you here activity nearby. Cover the vehicle by day with bushes. Store food by night and sleep in it. ANy sound from main road, drive another mile in

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