Practicing Survival Basics

Practicing Survival Basics

- in Survival Basics

Went out to “The Property” with my parents and my step-son to enjoy a day doing some cleaning up. Jordan and I went for a hike and practiced some basic survival skills and bushcrafting.
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  1. Applause dunno if i could eat a grasshopper haha great job and great vid! 

  2. Nice fire trick! Most people rip on the Bear knives but that fire starter is nice.

  3. hey u should show some videos of u setting up some animal snares and showing food preperation! also make a video of a long term survival situation.!


    u got a lot of BG stuff like me the BG stuff is quality durable stuff i dont care what anybody says

  5. You're absolutely right. Thanks for the correction

  6. thats actually a clover flower

  7. Nice!! Great Vid as always.

  8. Great to see another video from you, I really enjoy watching them… Thanks for shearing with us… Please keep them coming!

  9. Happy to see another video from you, good stuff as always. Keep it up!

  10. Got it, kind of like eating crawdads.

  11. I'm in Williston for the time being. Might be moving out to Minot soon. I'd love to get out with some locals sometime.

  12. Jordan is a great kid and loves to learn. Thanks for watching

  13. The guts come out of the grasshopper when you pull the head off. Make sure you twist the head as you pull

  14. Its a custom made holster from a shop back home. I will have to look it up for you… Stand by

  15. P701 Preparedness & Outdoors

    Are you still working in ND. I am trying to get a group together here in the state (specifically Bismarck) that share the same interests .. survival, bushcraft and preperation.

  16. Excellent video. Thanks for sharing.

  17. anthony bradshaw

    What holster is that on your waist?looks like it carries nice and close to the body. Thanks for the vids.

  18. that was fun…looks like a good day

  19. Great vid, thanks for sharing.

  20. I'm afraid to ask but here goes: how do you gut a grasshopper? Do the guts come out when you pull off the head or do you have to use an itty-bitty gut hook? : )

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