Possible Disaster Survival Food SPAM

Possible Disaster Survival Food SPAM

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SPAM Classic & SPAM 25% Less Sodium as a Possible Survival Food via Shelf Life.
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  1. I remember that when they had a key for it in the eighties. It was a pain in the but to open. I am glad how it opens now much easier to open.

  2. If anyone is interested in survival the greatest results that I have had was by using the Survivor Crusher System
    (just google it) without a doubt the most helpful survival that I have ever tried.

  3. Spam can last 20 years and still taste good

  4. It's already expired. I dare you to open it and eat it. LOL

  5. sometimes Boyz Dr Laura

    gi s had it in wwll moron it was a staple You STUPID

  6. mechanically separated chicken means that they blast the chicken bones with high pressure air to remove every trace of meat and blood , but really what i really want to know is what sort of pork goes into it ? i bet its pigs raised on GM food for sure ! anyone have some more real facts about it? by the way dont get me wrong i love the stuff and i would eat it allot more only i dont know what harm its doing me

  7. The best by date is now! March 2016

  8. i like spam

  9. tharindu madusanka

    There are many of factors in survival.
    One place I discovered which successfully combines these is the Survivor Crusher System
    (google it if you're interested) definately the most useful survival website i've heard of.
    Check out the extraordinary free video.

  10. joaquim Rodriguez

    survival?… when was the last time, anyone of us, were ever in a survival situation?…never!!!

  11. too salty, eats in a grilled cheese

  12. This guy is from Mars. He shouldn't be allowed near SPAM.

  13. Sure you're not thinking of sardine cans?? They still can have keys.

  14. lol you can tell you've never opened a can before in the last 20 years and you're probably going to starve if anything happens

  15. Gotta love SPAM!!!!

  16. Who eats Spam by itself?  Of course it's going to be salty. You're supposed to eat it with bread or rice.  If you want bland Spam, buy the 25% less salt Spam.  Also, you can cut the Spam into thinner slices so your sandwiches aren't so salty.  Your cuts were a bit thick.  You just don't know how to eat Spam. It's funny watching you trying to figure it out. . . lol

  17. this stuff is best sliced thin, fried in a pan with pineapple. Serve on a plate with pineapple on top…….Hawaiian Spam.
    pretty damn good actually. I personally prefer the Spam Lite, less salty

  18. I love Spam. Fry it up, put it on toast with an egg and cheese..heaven on earth.

  19. The most HORRID 'food" on earth.

  20. Diced spam and eggs, breakfast of champions.

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