PM101 Survival Basics 6: The 3rd Pillar Of Preparedness – Preparedmind101

PM101 Survival Basics 6: The 3rd Pillar Of Preparedness – Preparedmind101

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Lots of talky-talk in this one, but it’s important stuff everyone should be honest with themselves about.







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  1. Good video. thanks.

  2. Its a reality that there are those that plan to take down the weak if it all comes down to it. Half the people about struggle to do 10 push ups, how do u think u will survive against your fellow man.

  3. Thank you for that, this was refreshingly different.. :-)

  4. For most preppers, their biggest risk is a heart attack — not WROL.  Most who join health clubs stop going.  It is extremely cheap to lift a few barbells; I got mine in 8th grade.  I've jogged outside 3 miles per day for 33 yrs.  When it is too icy or windy or the snow is too deep, I shovel snow or go hiking.  I do 400 situps per day at home.  Anybody can stop smoking and drinking, save money, and feel better.  My main cost is a hundred bucks per year for new running shoes.

  5. Hey, Chris. Good kick to the seat of the pants. I've lost 40# since Christmas, gained a bit back, and need to get back into gear. But, I'm not "in shape." Can't carry my 4 year old as far as I'd like to be able to. Went swimming recently, and my arms gave out at around 50-60 feet. Losing weight is a key component. My knees hurt less, my back hurts less, I'm sleeping better…but, I've got a ways to go. All the gear in the world won't help if I can't carry it from Point A to Point B. Thanks for the challenge. All the best.

  6. Thanks for this video man. I am entirely out of shape and have some medical problems with my neck. I know physical fitness is my biggest weakness.

  7. Thanks Chris, this was just the extra nudge that I needed to get my body to do what my minds wants for it…Mind power is Huge and amazing. I tell myself " just move your feet" (and the rest will follow). It really is that simple. And the excuse of being too tired…BS…just move your feet. I just ordered the book and am looking forward to using my new tools

  8. thank you for this

  9. I really like this video but there's one more thing. This happens to a lot of people who don't really have a lot of dirt time usually. There are some psychological things that happen when you're out in the woods. Especially alone. I find that it's a lot easier to go out with someone but sleeping out under the stars with only your company can be scary sometimes and a lot of people will break under the pressure. They never think, oh yeah I won't be afraid of a pack of coyotes waking me up running around my camp at 2 am, or a bear encounter and after 5 days on your own you start to miss people and you need to prepare for that. It comes as a system shock to some people but you need to be aware of this. I cant have the peace of mind a firearm provides in canada.

  10. I bet all the ones who thumbs down the vid are fat asses.
    Acutally i know they are..truth hurts.
    Eat a carrot ..ffs

  11. Great video Chris. I totally agree with you about your subconscious being a big part of personal success. I started trying to think and act positive around age 17 when I realized its up to me to make it in the world. I strongly believe this positive subconscious attitude helped me get a good job, find an amazing woman and surround myself with good people. Now I'm 22 and have a track car, all the survival/bushcraft gear i want and I just bought a house on my own last summer. Success all comes down to hard work and the right mind set. Love your videos brother. Keep it up.

  12. dennis j poley jr

    Thanks Chris, this makes sense.

  13. I have commented on your videos a couple of times. I am NOT a survivalist but a hiker and runner. I run marathons (Boston Qualified) and go out for extended outdoor excursions. When I look at survivalist videos the first issue that comes to mind in risk assessment.  They spend so much time on gear and skills to prepare for an outside threat when they are killing themselves with cheeseburgers and fries. 

    I absolutely agree with this video.

  14. how much do u get paid for pushing that book

  15. Great! One of your most important or mabe even the most important of your videos at all! THX!

  16. true. ture. true. If I had a $1 for every armchair prepper I've met, then I'd be rich. Sadly many of my groups members don't want to participate in scenario exercises do to these issues, like the apocyclops is going to wait for them.

  17. Its about time u get a Note!

  18. Andrew “JustTheTekGuy” Sheehan

    As a fatass I'd probably wouldn't be able to do any of that stuff of the 3rd tier thing. Id be lucky if I can run 500 meters. Seeing things in this perspective (reason why I like watching you) definitely saw things differently. Someone like myself though with being a nightowl makes things difficult for myself to get anything done. I'll be checking out that book and maybe I can start using it on my night owl lifestyle first. Also I just grabbed the kindle version for right now, will be reading that later on. ;)

  19. Hey Chris, great topic. As a personal trainer, the benefits of being fit and prepared for any emergency survival situation, is substantial. Great job! Keep it up!

  20. Though I know some people are suckers to this type of stuff, having a good sense of reality will also work for weight loss, survival, etc. People that fail at exercise 9 times out of 10, it is because they lust food and do not enjoy working out. The opportunity cost of losing weight takes to long and doesn't allow you to eat what you enjoy. Your basically a cronic masterbater. ANYONE who goes one year, eating less than 2,000 calories (unless your really short you may need to consume less) that are from natural sources, you will lose weight. The truth is, people will go Monday through Friday eating decent (or at least they think they are), then they go out to eat and eat shit all weekend and the 10k calories you consumed during the week turns into 20k which is almost 3k calories a day. As a former personal trainer people had a million excuses and bitched about how they couldn't get fit and all the while consumed over 20 thousand calories a week. No shit your not going to lose weight. 

    This mind game stuff might work for some but I never met someone who believed they could lose weight by eating out for lunch every day and drinking StarBucks every morning actually do so.

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