PM101 Survival Basics 5: Easy Winter Shelters – Preparedmind101

PM101 Survival Basics 5: Easy Winter Shelters – Preparedmind101

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Preparedmind101 and Will from Mantis Outdoors test out three shelters and there effectiveness in winter cold conditions: A Snugpak Scorpion 2 Tent, a hybrid/primitive lean-to/leaf bed, and a sil-ny plough point super-shelter. Not only to see what works best and how well, but to demonstrate how a few inexpensive items combined with primitive technology can create a shelter that will keep you warm when temps drop below freezing.







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  1. danahersoutdoors

    Awesome video. This is something folks can build from.

  2. Creative Redundancy

    Really dig the different shelters setups. 
    I find super shelters better with less wind/face away from wind as wind can blow embers into the plastic.Therefore, tape is often required to patch it.
    Tip: During winter, storing heat from the fire  inside water with plastic or metal containers with lids can help any sleep system stay warmer longer. (water releases heat slowly) This reusable heating system is similar to using hot rocks( fire is needed) Lasts few hrs. Can be put in vital areas like heart  area to circulate warm blood around the body.

  3. when I seen winter shelters I expected to see snow .unfortanatly live up north I wonder how well that tent would hold up Still a good video

  4. Tomáš Píšů

    The dude and his shelter was almost burning at 11:10..

  5. Great video!!!

  6. Chris; I've watched enough of your vids that you just got a new sub. 1. On your Snugpak tent, they are excellent tents with one exception. The inside color is dark to black. A lighter color like yellow or beige would make a big difference. I'd love to see you do one of your mods and use a few Velcro tabs to attach one of your emergency Mylar sheets to the inside or some synthetic light colored material. Mylar would help with warmth, and not create condensation given airflow. 2. Running your line & simple A-Frame Tarp about 2-3' above it would allow you to create overhead porch or protection from rain & snow, plus allow room to move without getting soaked. 3. Could do a review or post a link to your Jac-Shirt your wearing? It looks like wool and I'd like to get one depending on $$ ? Keep up the great videos, and as a bow hunter, your bow skills are improving a lot! I'm 53 and been backpacking, fishing, hunting since I was 5. I like your no B.S. reviews. Like to hear your thoughts on my suggestions? Peace out~
    William ~

  7. Gavin Blindfury

    Hey Chris big fan live all your videos. I have to ask where our what brand is that hoodie your wearing

  8. Assassinator1232

    In Alberta here it's – 47 you guys are cute

  9. gray man prepper

    I could have used that MMS system when I was a boy scout all those years ago.

  10. Thanks again Chris for a fun video.
    How about a clear shower curtain instead of a drop cloth?
    Dimensions are approx 6'x6' and thicker than a drop cloth. Around $5 and could use as ground cover or rain cover. Should get more usage than the drop cloth and some shower curtains come with gromets.

  11. gray man prepper

    Where do you get the MMS system? 

  12. All that gear and it seems Will forgot the toilet paper.  One sheet rolled and scrunched into each nostril will successfully save him having to sniff every other sentence, lol

  13. What knives were u carrying?

  14. Why not just bring a sleeping bag, tarp, and a wool blanket? I fit those three in my pack and that's all you need for keeping warm. Hell, with a nice sleeping bag you can sleep naked and still stay warm lol. 

  15. Stop sniffing after every sentence!!!

  16. hot rocks tend to explode 11:20

  17. This was really good info. You have to do more of this type video. Multiple different setups, testing on the woods.

  18. now that i think about it i dont know if i could go camping with an ego style vape anymore.  

  19. Edmund Lizotte (FLDCRAFTLTC)

    Another good video from Chris at PM101.

  20. Edmund Lizotte (FLDCRAFTLTC)

    +PREPAREDMIND101 +Joe Grisle 
    Chris – I have been off of YT for a while, but I have enjoyed your videos and lessons; particularly those with William.  At 55 YOA, 25 years in the Army as an Infantryman, former Infantry Instructor, avid outdoorsman, backpacker, and Bushcrafter – I can honestly say you are providing a service.  I have quite a bit of dirt time and go to the woods to get away from my day job – driving a desk. I have yet to post onto YT as I tend to enjoy my solitude in the wilderness.  However, it is channels like yours and William's and a few others that have inspired me to share my experiences. So with the new year approaching, I have plans to do just that.  From one Veteran to another, I wish you all the best and hope you and your family have a prosperous year in 2015. 

    Regarding Joe and your comments, I spent 25 years of my life defending the Constitution of the United States, protecting your right to have your own voice.  However, your voice does not give you the right to damage a person's character.  If wrong information was presented in a video, I would hope you have the NADS to make a constructive comment so ALL can learn and benefit.  It is easier to criticize than offer intellectual discussion. 

    Sorry Chris for the commentary, but I felt moved to have my voice heard. 

    God Bless and keep the videos coming!

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