PM101 Survival Basics 4: Top 5 Most Useful EDC Items – Preparedmind101

PM101 Survival Basics 4: Top 5 Most Useful EDC Items – Preparedmind101

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Preparedmind101 continues the PM101 BASICS (All caps for a reason…it’s for beginners) series and deals with the preparedness/EDC side of things, as this is your first tier of preparedness for any situation. These items need to be the most USEFUL for 99% of the time, NOT just for that one situation that may never happen. I then go beyond the Top 5 and give my next 6 optional items, all of which I personally carry.

Most of the items shown CAN be found in the PM101 store at






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  1. … what about a wrist watch goddamit ??

  2. Didier Rodriguez

    where can I get that belt case?

  3. Outdoor Experience

    I just lost all respect when he pulled out the e cig

  4. i started keeping alcohol wipes in my wallet for the obvious and as a fire starter.

  5. Chris, what is that hoodie you are wearing? It looks like a heavy duty wool army surplus unit? I need to have one of those for VT winter, Saw this video from amazon spec ops wallet review. Nice work.

  6. What if……..LOL great EDC ideas!

  7. He was talking about balls were the joke 

  8. Great video.  
    The green hooded over garment you wear looks great for cold weather.  Can you tell me what it is called and who sells it?  Thanks.

  9. Brian D'Archangelo

    Awesome top ten list of EDC items here, Chris.. I gotta say, I carry every one of these ten items every day. Fixed AND folder, BTW. As well as a few extra what if items in the bag, naturally. One very important item that you may have missed or just may be my preference, Not a day goes by that I do not use my bandana. Wiping sweat, wrapping a bleeding hand art work, covering my face to prevent breathing dust (also at work), etc. I even used it, once to tend to a buddy while trying to save his life following an accident at work. This consideration is definitely not a "what if" item. Like I said, I use it every day (along with every single item you mentioned) keep up the great work, bud..

  10. All good advice and your a funny guy. Great video

  11. Liberty FiveFiveSix

    Does your car key detach from the keyring?
    Maybe something to consider if you have "a lot" of extra weight hanging/swinging from the ignition while driving. (to prevent premature starter failure)

  12. it is much better to use a good carabiner instead of the giant key ring

  13. Cracking video cousin, I really love the honesty and I am over the pond in the UK and view these videos regularly which astounds me on what is deemed a REAL EDC when people advertise crap like zombie kits and a million items to carry. Point is its nice to see a real straight talking video. Ps sell the TTI kydex sheath kit and I will buy, good idea.

  14. I would love that sheath for the surge – where can i get that or a similar one?

  15. Before I leave my house I always do a quick mental checklist. Ive worked hard on  getting my edc down as minimalistic as possible while still having some basic tools on my person for everyday little tasks:
    1.keys- (Mcgizmo #5 clip, Titanium keyring,keys,mini titanium pry/flathead,SOG Micron 1 (AWESOME little knife! And I generally don't care for SOG stuff)

    2.wallet- Swiss Tech from Target with a micro sewing kit and a fresh razor blade tucked in behind my license. I also run a small straight pin into the top stitch and tuck a large sewing needle in with my cards. Its surprisingly used a lot for poking stuff, or removing dirt or lint from my phone ports! Iphone in a MAGPUL case. 

    4.vape- This spot used to be for my smokes, but now its my EDC Vape rig- AR Mod with a tobh atty.

    5.Knife- Can be any number of quality cutter. I like medium to small folders unless I'm gonna be outside and then I might grab a small fixed blade or a necker.If I'm going out to be in the woods my EDC is greatly expanded by a GO bag thats got a whole lot more and I bring my own JESSICA knife (Currently a modified TOPS TB tracker Scout but that may be retired soon for an Esee 3 or 4 for the awesome ESEE warrenty) 

    6. Flashlight- This ones kinda optional depending on what I'm doing because my phone also has a light but my favorite edc light is the stream light microstream

    7. Watch~ This ones also optional and I only wear a watch occasionally but its usually my black Seiko 5 Automatic on a black nato strap. 

    *8. This is a BONUS as I don't currently own any guns small enough to carry around everyday, but if I did get my CC license to EDC a gun it would be something very small and light like a Glock 27.

    I know this sounds like a lot but I can do the whole checklist in about 3 seconds touching every item to confirm its location. Everything has a specific place on my body. Keys,Wallet,Phone,Vape,Knife,Light anything else is excessive for my Urban EDC.

    So, What specifically do you carry every single day? Also if I may ask, Where are you from?

  16. batman syndrome….

  17. Too long – couldn't get beyond 5 minutes – went elsewhere – too verbose – sorry, your packaging needs to be more consice.

  18. Blind folded myself and tried to navigate an obstacle course with my dick…..he's right, doesn't work

  19. What jacket are you wearing in the vid here?

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