PM101 Survival Basics 3: The 5 Piece Kit (Deluxe) – Preparedmind101

PM101 Survival Basics 3: The 5 Piece Kit (Deluxe) – Preparedmind101

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Preparedmind101 continues the Survival Basics series with an explanation of the 5 Piece Kit (popularized by Dave Canterbury) and how one might be set up as a deluxe stand alone kit.

DAVE C’s 10 Piece Kit Vid:








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  1. Great video. Really helped me with setting up my own kit. 

    Also your comments to the sun made me laugh my ass off, like "i know you are the center of the solar system but come on you are messing up my video"

  2. No offense but you need to quit smoking

  3. Richard Johnson

    GREAT starter kit!

  4. could this fit a Nalgene bottle?

  5. That bottle kit is sweet and a great bag to evolve a kit off of..time to save up some extra cash again

  6. your cheating on Jessica :(

  7. sire of hell of darkness

    Rambo only needs a knife

  8. Great Kit Christ, nothing wrong with additional items that make your stay more bearable and easier. Thanks for Sharing. Cheers, Jack

  9. Christopher Litirvenn

    As an Alaska resident who is an avid outdoors man, I had to chuckle a bit when you mentioned Canadian winters. It all comes down to your skills, knowledge, and preparedness. I personally love outdoor winter activities, but they are definitely not for everyone. That's one of the reasons I am looking into starting a course to educate people on winter survival skills here in Alaska. Love what you are doing with these videos. Keep it up!

  10. The hanger/spreader, can be bought at any sporting goods store, that has a good fishing department. The item is normally used to hold open the mouth of a fish so you can remove the hook, and costs about two dollars. Glad you like the Condor H2O pouch I have two of them, very good pouches for the money.

  11. Can you ship this kit fo Brazil? Awesome video, thank you.

  12. Melvin Högberg

    When it is as cold as 25 degres celsius or above its so dry you really vant feel the diference between 20 and 30

  13. Hi Chris / the best way to endure one of our Canadian winters is to get your self a 
    Canadian woman ! / girlfreind who has some meat on her bones ( not like those skinny minis women in California who are angry all the time cause they're always hungery ) ..
    You snuggle up to a real Canadian woman at night an you'll stay warm enough.
    Best regards to you from Montreal / Canada !!

  14. In your condor bag would there be enough room and diameter to fit a can of Tuna.
    And in the stove is there enough space for said Tuna can.
    In other words could a Tuna Candle aka hobo stove fit?

  15. Do you mind doing a video about your ecigg? 

  16. Protometheus Gauntlet

    You don't have the Condor bottle bag in your website… will you add it?

  17. TestSubject6722

    I am from Canada and i live in southern Alberta, just above Montana an it gets down to -40 Celsius (-40 Ferinheight) in the winter months. it's real cold.

  18.  One day makes a video of your Bug Out Bag

  19. Chris walks around with girls on his belt!

  20. dirtybirdies420

    Good stuff

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