PM101 Survival Basics 2: Water (Wilderness)

PM101 Survival Basics 2: Water (Wilderness)

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***MUST READ: Make sure to read the text in the video. Instructions on chemical disinfection vary depending on which guide you happen to be reading. Chemical disinfection (bleach/iodine/tablets) is personally my LAST choice because it is so iffy. I would not use advise using this method unless you really have studied in depth and know you own personal medical risks. Boiling and proper filtration is a MUCH safer method and what I personally use and advise. Chemical disinfection instructions are often different from guide to guide and seem to change over time***

Preparedmind101 continues the Survival Basics series, which is intended to be basic 101 guidelines for people starting out while they continue their training. In this video I give my basic rules for water, and basic rules for containers and disinfection.








  1. @ PREPAREDMIND101 Rule #3: Spent time in the wilderness with a couple of USAF Pararescue guys – Quote oft repeated "better to store it in you, than on you" – Keep up the good vids. you've clearly researched your stuff. Thanks!

  2. I drank water from a running stream, when i ran out of water from my canteen. I have done it a few times in my life. I never drink from setting water. All has things to make you sick. And can even kill you. Drink at your own risk. Do your best to not get stuck without water, but shit happens.

  3. "Well honey, my condoms are for just in case I should need to collect some water out in the woods" LOL! Very good video btw Chris. Im sure many people learned at least something for ur free knowledge u provided here. I know I did. Thanks.

  4. You look like a cop lol

  5. Chris, after viewing many of your video's I just have to say: Thanks for being so real and – more importantly – for being so realistic! It's very inspiring to watch and hear someone who doesn't preach "doom", but just points out feasible possibillities for both us "casual" newbies and hardcore survivors. I'll never be a true "prepper", but I WILL remember many of the tactics and basic tools you suggested. I will even buy some (living in Amsterdam, it will be in relative secrecy, though)!
    Keep it up, I'll stay tuned.

  6. Here's what water does for you:

    It helps carry nutrients to all the cells in your body.

    It helps carry waste products from the cells.

    It is a part of essential reactions within the body.

    It helps regulate body temperature by absorbing heat generated by your metabolism and eliminating excess heat through sweating.

    It helps with digestion of food.

    It helps lubricate your joints.

    It is a solvent

  7. It takes about 4-8 weeks from the time chlorine bleach is made to when it gets to a store so that you can buy it to take home. This leaves you 3-5 months where the bleach is at the effectiveness level stated on its label. 

  8. Could you use a magnifying glass as a light pen for disinfection? Been wondering about this. Green science made a water distiller with a fresnel lense and it worked but would you really have to boil or could the concentrated sunlight be enough?

  9. Excellent explanation and thoughts on water. Continually learning from your channel. Thanks!

  10. Iodine and or Chlorine does not purify water, it only disinfects it…… filters help purify water….

  11. Patrick Seymour

    Just a heads up that the straight-walled steel Nalgene bottles are back, on their site anyway.

  12. Great video. I plan on getting the three stainless steel containers that they have on the pathfinder site the bottle kit canteen kit and the bush pot kit. If there is not a bush pot kit I will end up with one anyway. 

  13. Outlander Bushcraft

    Brilliant video mate , water is life ,and we need to know how to make it safe , cheers atb Martin 

  14. The Hapless Hobo

    Well done….. With plenty of room for follow up vid's…. …………. Mike

  15. 6:58 what about an Imusa grease pot mess kit

  16. Water of life, precious water, cool and refreshing water. It baffles me how some survival and bushcraft oriented channels NEVER say a thing about water. It's not like it's a granted asset just because it drops from the skies, dammit!

    I'd already figured all you said here except for the safety of stainless steel compared to aluminium and that iodine works as a purificator. And if I wasn't thinking about getting a filter before, I definitely am now: if there's one place where water is more contaminated than infested with parasites, that's a city after a natural disaster such as a flood – remember, kids, mother nature is the likeliest inducer of survival situations!

    Anyway, thank you very much for all these refresher or new tips, and I'll be waiting for more videos with the finger far from the "skip ad" button. You are awesome, Chris.

  17. Bleach will be highly effective for around 6 months and fine for home use for around 12 months. According to Clorox, Couldn't find any info how effective it would be to purify water after 12 months.

  18. wow, what a great set of rule, multie issue in 3 set of 3 rule. where did you get all those most of it are obvious but what a great way to put it. I like it a lot and i may just steal it from you. you even cover the ultimate rule get prepared for any situation. great survival tip.

  19. at maximum ahuman can live one week without water

  20. What's the best water pack u recommend

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