PM101 Survival Basics 1: Emergency Fire Preparedness

PM101 Survival Basics 1: Emergency Fire Preparedness

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PM101 Survival Basics 1: Emergency Fire Preparedness

****IMPORTANT NOTE PLEASE READ: Based on the early comments, there seems to be some confusion regarding Rule #2. Rule #2 applies to anytime you are doing activities in the field where you would normally be wearing a knife. Completely separate from Rule #1.*****

Prepping for survival emergencies doesn’t have to be hard….if you mix prepping with survival planning. In this first video in a series, I give my three simple rules for being ready to make a fire when you need to. Follow these and you’ll be golden while you work on building further skills.

This video is not intended to be the end-all, substitute skills training or anything else, it is intended to demonstrate how easy it is to prepare for a crucial survival task that might just save your life. It’s a simple starting point for beginners.






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  1. I'm spending all my free time in the woods so I know how essential is to start a fire when your hands are really cold and there is nothing dry to burn.

    I tried everything starting from few types of flints, storm matches, waterproof lighters and so one.

    The result is the regular lighter is my absolutely number one. It is waterproof (you need to shake it when it's wet for a few seconds) and it creates regular flame, not a spark.

    With a piezo egnition it is extremely durable. I'm carrying the piezo lighter in almost every pocket so starting fire when it's essential takes just a few seconds. And there's always a backup.

    I'm not a "scout" and I'm not trying to make my life harder just for fun. Using a flint looks interesting but in critical conditions relaying on it could be really dangerous and your responsibility is to worn your followers. Without your sealed cotton balls your flint is useless in bad weather conditions…

    That's why I use only something that really works.

  2. Dude, please… If you need the instant fire, use the simplest lighter!! You may have few of them with you and they cost nothing!

    Using a flint is one of the stupiest thing you can do in a survival situation. I know it may make you feel like a pro with that, but if you ask pros, like soldiers fighting in Afghanistan or Iraqi they will tell you they use ONLY lighters!!

  3. Chris – You mention Amazon won't ship overseas – do you know if they will ship to Canada? Or am I out of luck up here

  4. Hi Chris, I have basically the same question as Anthony Visconte did. What model of Maxpedition pouch is that, and does it attach easily to a mid to small sized knife sheath?


  5. Gray Man Prepper

    Chris, being from a military background you should know better than to assume, you know the acronym, lol.

  6. A good high-carbon steel knife will throw sparks off the spine when struck with a flint or piece of quartz etc. Just my $0.02

  7. Nice intro to the series. Although, that much weight on your keys is very bad for your ignition witch.

  8. Direct and to the point. Well done, thanks!

  9. Anthony Visconte

    does the maxpedition pouch easily attach to the mora godspeed sheath you have or did you have to make mods?

  10. I disagree. "Survival just doesn't happen when you go into the woods." Of the 58 cases covered on I Shouldn't Be Alive, you'd be hard pressed to identify one that doesn't involve the person or party traveling through, playing in, or flying over wilderness or at least fairly remote areas. I include the sea as a wilderness area. They might not have expected it, but anyone with just a bit of interest in survival would have known they were going to be doing something that made survival a much more likely prospect than taking the family out for dinner at the Outback. I only carry my kit when I go near wilderness or drive through remote areas. (This includes driving on well-traveled highways through remote areas.)  I just don't get why so many of you want to carry so much gear on you everyday for situations that are about as likely as the zombie apocalypse.  I'm annoyed by a pocket full of change. To each his own, I suppose, but the motto, "If you're not always prepared, you're never prepared", is just plainly false.

  11. why wouldn't you edc a fixed blade. iv never had a problem doing it. and i live in maryland and cops here suck, but they really dont care about the knife laws. im not saying i carry an 11inch blade, but 3 to 5 inch fixed blade knife is on me at all times, and has been for about 10 years now. that and a glock 17.

  12. Yeah, but what if something happens when you are on a plane?

  13. There's some good advice here, and I absolutely agree about primitive fire. The bow drill, hand drill, fire saw, etc… are methods you use when you're camping and want to practice your skills. If you have to resort to using one of those primitive methods to start a fire in a real survival situation you did something really, really stupid! Carry a lighter or three!!!

  14. Michael O'Malley

    Hey Chris, dont talk to us like you an annoyed middle school teacher. I'm not a child. But I will act out in class when the teacher has a tantrum. Maybe you are having a bad week? Boo hoo.

  15. Prepping4Zombies

    Great video, this is easily one of my favorites that you've done.

  16. I agree. I suggest basing a survival kit around a small fixed blade knife, such as ESEE Izula or CRKT Folts minimalist because realistically those are the only fixed blades you will have on you every day

  17. 'never underestimate the stupidity of the general populace'these vids are great. 

  18. …just got eaten by a freakin bear…

  19. Screamingeagle1200 (OnexManxArmy883)

    why do you sounds angry?

  20. Grande Ubercannonballs

    Hi Chris…good stuff.  I would also use a ranger band cut to the right size to secure your zippo and ronson lighters instead of the orange tape.  The ranger band will prevent your lighter fuel from evaporating too quickly and can be used as an alternative combustion source…water out, fuel in, tinder dry, reuseable…also the tape would probably loose  it's adhesive qualities pretty fast.

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