Pimping your survival shelter Part 2- Custom Firepit

Pimping your survival shelter Part 2- Custom Firepit

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This video describes the perfect kind of fire pit for using in the wickiup. You can build and all night fire or also use the keyhole portion to not have to cut your wood.

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  1. wont it get really smokey?

  2. I'm still a big time novice at survivalist stuff, but how would you keep out all the little critters like spiders (especially poisonous ones) and snakes (definitely the poisonous ones) and varmits without a door to the shelter?

  3. Godschildyes Brown


  4. some rocks especially wet rock explode when heated

  5. What State are you in and what town are you in would like to see the shelters in person if your near me

  6. Admittedly new to bushcrafting so could you explain to me why the soil lined fire pit would leave more coals than if the bottom were lined with rocks?

  7. I'm just here for the bitches.

  8. that rock would make a great stove

  9. i like your dog what kind is it also this helps alot i made a good firepit today and roasted some walnuts

  10. You suppose the previous owner of the mortar thought his location better than yours ?  You just came later…. What do you think ? um… would it have been high enough up from the cold and down out of the breeze on top where you found the mortar….  ? … no really…

  11. Won't an open fire inside a confined space cause asphyxiation? Let alone the danger of the shelter catching on fire. Just curious about how safe it is i guess. Thnx, nice videos btw.

  12. St Francis Jigger

    Great video, is that a chainsaw in the background?

  13. Pestle is pronounced 'pessel' – not pestel.

  14. Yes!! That 'shelter' is a very ambitious piece of work!! Is there any danger that you could 'over-heat'??? Fine effort though!!!

  15. how many calories went into making the shelter and getting rocks?

  16. you goof.

  17. the most epic shelter i ever seen

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