Pimping Your Survival Shelter Part 1 Alpine Debris Bed

Pimping Your Survival Shelter Part 1 Alpine Debris Bed

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This video show you how to really deck out your wickiup and make it super comfortable for primitive living. The video show how to build an alpine style bed for northern living, but this will work in almost any environment.

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  1. Good vlog, but You Couldn't tie LES STROUDS Boots! From a Canadian Man!

  2. You should dig under the beds to create storage as well

  3. George Shortman

    how long would it be before the debris on the raised bed would need replacing?

  4. I love the way this is all set up! Great for one person, but I have 4 girls, one being 2 years old. Do you have any suggestions on how I could accommodate a shelter big enough or maybe individual ones for each one of my older girls and one for me and my 2yr old in a survival situation? Not saying I'm going to purposely take my kids out in the woods, I'm speaking of disaster hitting and we have go out on foot and survive. We live in the country in the Hill Country of Texas where there's a lot of cedar trees, not too much pine, and lots of bedrock about 3" under the soil. Getting a stake deep into the ground out here is near impossible!! I also like the folding hand saw you're using. Can you tell me the best and affordable one I could buy to keep in my survival pack? I wish I could bring my girls up there to your courses, it would be a great add-on to our homeschooling lessons. They don't teach stuff like this (the true gold nuggets of surviving life) in public schools!! Thanks!

  5. he should join Naked n Afraid, guess his PSR will be high.

  6. What kind of shelter is this?

  7. When you say "some kind of elite" the "some kind of" makes the elite sound less believable. But badass shelter. 

  8. Cool man.. would be awesome to get a degree in all types of survival

  9. Did this spruce covering prove to repel water?

  10. Me and my friend are making it 

  11. What about the smoke from the fire wouldn't that wiki up fill up with smoke and smoke you out?

  12. that sure looks comfy.

  13. NICE MAL

  14. very cool

  15. nice videos ask your camera guy to try not sniffle it really can be offputting for a lot of people who will just close the video straight away if the noise is consistent.

    He could use a hanky =p, i work out side my self i know what a wet nose is like but on camera its just so horrible.

  16. Lorenzo Dontello

    Is that camping shelter waterproof? It looks awesome.

    Allso, do you have a vid on your youtube site on how you made it. thnx

  17. Is love to build one of these. But unfortunately I do not like I'm a area full of spruce and pine. I have a lot of hard wood like oak and hickory. And I feel like the leaves would slide down the angle of the walls after a while

  18. not many choose to live this way. the only reason why bushcrafting in the woods is fun is because we have a home to go to. that's just my opinion.

  19. Man I use to do stuff like this as a kid.  I grew up in a suburb in NJ.  My friends & I built shelters like this in the wooded areas on that ran by the freight train tracks.  Road our bikes out to our secret club houses & camp out.  :)

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