Patriot Survival Plan Review

Patriot Survival Plan Review

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Patriot Survival Plan Review

Hi there, my name is Caitlyn and I want to tell you about the Patriot Survival Plan written by Matt Stevens. Upon reading this book I thought to myself “what exactly do I have planned in case of an emergency?”. The answer to that question was “nothing” and if you answered the same then this is the course for you.

Now your probably wondering what exactly will you learn that you don’t know already. Lets just say that if you don’t have your disaster survival gear, food storage or your extreme survival tactics ready to go, then this is a much needed course you’re going to want to take.

What’s Inside the Patriot Survival Plan?
· You will learn several different survival tactics in case of a riot such as how to fit into a crowd and not stand out to how to prevent an attack by a mob.
· How to cope with stressful situations and not be part of the 95% who die due to psychological trauma within the first 3 days.
· Tips on how to mold your mind like a Navy SEAL and set goals to complete tasks.
· Creating a survival storage food stock pile within 72 hours and storage options to prevent spoiling or your food being found by looters.
· Personal self-defense tactics that may save your life.

And much more.

If you are new to survival then you will learn a number of important skills and facts from the Patriot Survival Plan. Upon taking this course I had no idea how to defend myself in a crisis or how to prepare for any world tragedy that could come my way. Now that I have my food storage, gear checklist and supplies ready I can proudly say that I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for tricks and strategies on how to make it out in the real world. Thanks to the Patriot Survival Plan I can not only live fear free, but I can protect my family from anything coming my way.

Patriot Survival Plan Review


  1. In his description this tool repeatedly talks about building an "impenetrable bunker" that will keep you "100% safe in the event of a terrorist attack."  (What if a nuke detonates when you aren't in your bunker??)

    So… Step 1 to building an impenetrable bunker…  :Withdraw $50 billion dollars from your bank account.  Step 2… call Halliburton.  Step 3: you are stupid if you listen to this guy…

  2. Matt Stevens is a fictitious person he doesn't really exist scam scam scam the girl in this video is reading from cue cards. Why would you need any money if the economy is going to collapse. Also the video was made in 2011 what happened to 10 months in the video he's charging $37 but on the website is charging $39

  3. Andrew Springer

    Scam artist!!! Using an edited speech from Obama (who I am not a fan of by the way) to convince gullible people to buy this crap. Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves!

  4. Did someone noticed that the website for the patriot survival plan is up since 2012 saying that some catastrophic event will happen in the next 10 months? Tad late? These people should be in jail, that's what we do to conman in our country. Word of advice , invest in your education and gathering the tools for you and your family to be happy , don't spend your hard earned money on bullcrap like this. The fate of he earth is on the hands of its people and i hope and believe that the great majority of the people on earth as learned from past mistakes and deals with fear differently from the 50's. These turds ( lack a better defining word ) prey on fear. 

  5. SPYmaps Leon Brinkmann

    just google "Matt Stevens pdf"

  6. SPYmaps Leon Brinkmann

    just google "Matt Stevens pdf"

  7. SPYmaps Leon Brinkmann

    Why pay at all for these books of Matt Stevens.

    just google "Matt Stevens pdf"
    and you get each book in pdf form with a download button.
    So, don't be fooled, and don't pay!!!
    Just get them for free. If needed help them mail or pm me and i will give you the links. Its that easy!


  8. Kaitlynn what's your facebook? 

  9. My current emergency is needing to see more of this hottie!

  10. I do got to admit that I at least think this review is fake. Why would you have a reasonably attractive young gal with a gray back ground talk as though she memorized a script talk about it and not have it like she was at home enjoying her life as a prepper like Patriot nurse (even though I find her sexy if ya sake me personally), Maine Prepper, and James Yager do?

  11. This may be a scam or a good program and I myself am undecided but any of you that think something like this could not happen are smoking crack. Has happened several times through out history and learning to survive such a disaster is no waste of time for anyone with half a brain. If it don't happen you can eat the food, have a fun time shooting the ammo, and keep the gold or silver to trade later when prices maybe go up further or pass it on to your kids when you die years later and if it does happen you can point and laugh at all the punch drinking liberal Obama worshipers who did not believe this could ever happen as they starve to death and kill each other. LMFAO!!!

  12. Here's a real survival tip. Get a good education so that you don't fork over your 40 bucks to some scamming tool because you're too ignorant to see a load of utter horseshit. While you're busy digging tranches, stocking up on Walmart crap & learning how to blend into rioting mobs I'm making bank & laughing at people like you.

  13. Bobby Washington

    This chick Is A Paid Actress From Fiverr

  14. Total rubbish!!!

  15. I feel much safer now knowing what I can do in a crisis to protect my family

  16. I have been looking for this type of info and am glad I bought Patriot Survival Plan

  17. I don't believe this stuff

  18. yeah, you're not reading a script from your boss…

  19. Sherrie Brackney

    I feel more secure know this!

  20. Now I know what to do

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