Patriot Armory Presents Extreme Survival Rocky Mountain 1-3

Patriot Armory Presents Extreme Survival Rocky Mountain 1-3

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The Rocky Mountains are a stunning sight to behold, but also a place where knowledge of how to stay warm, well fed and safe from bears can prove vital. Understanding and determination are the keys that unlock this wilderness. Get this series of videos and more at
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  1. thehalowarriors

    Thumbs up if you're in the rocky mountain area and this is old news.

  2. TheBuffaloSamurai

    -50 F is -45 C
    -50 C is -60 F

  3. Right….I live in Maine…Not very often that my woods dry….This guy is obviously a troll who's never even been in the outdoors except for maybe at his daddys cabin or some stupid shit….

  4. He said -50 was F or C .

  5. The resin candle was a novelty only a idiot would waste their time on that in a survival situation

  6. @PatriotArmory so true. ALWAYS ALWAYS! were there is a WILL to live. there is a way for success.

  7. i mean to say that in bad weather fire making with ordinary match stick is impossible….u can use storm proof match sticks or fire starter etc……..the way u r telling is i think is not appropriate in stormy and snowey weather…..

  8. @6HARIS Sorry my friend. If you cannot make a fire in wet conditions, you are not cold enough or just don't want to live..

  9. in bad weather conditions this type of fire making cant be done……its only in shiny days my friend…visit nutnfancy's fire making in snow…..i think thats perfect

  10. nice video

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