Outdoor Survival Tips – Water from Moss During a Complete Fire Ban in the Rocky Mountains

Outdoor Survival Tips – Water from Moss During a Complete Fire Ban in the Rocky Mountains

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Outdoor Survival Tips - Water from Moss During a Complete Fire Ban in the Rocky Mountains

http://www.facebook.com/outdoorsurvival Outdoor survival tips for surviving wilderness emergencies. Water gathering and purification from moss even during a complete drought and fire ban in the Rocky Mountains.
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  1. wow very helpful top thanx !

  2. Sandra Cromwell

    Would love to get the subscription you mentioned, but can't access the website. Either it goes to page not found crap, or not allowed to access. What gives? Any chance of a better link to suscribe?

  3. ….. the moss doesn't die you tool. Just put it back when you're done. You sir, know nothing about moss. GOOD DAY SIR.

  4. sweet a site from BC

  5. those filter straws can also find it in ebay or in your local camping gear section…also made by aquamira and they are good for 20 gallons and just the size of a marker pen…good to know where to get water without it we are done…I never carry less than 2 litrers as I have also ran out water half way into a hike and not a good feeling in a hot summer day when lost water by accident ,good thing there was a small stream to cool myself down but could not drink any of the water just in case.

  6. Outdoor Survival TV

    high mountain witchery! nah…just some good ol' backcountry tricks.
    thanks for watchin'

  7. water from moss?

    this is some sorta witchery!

  8. Great tip to put out there I use this technique on occasion here in the Scottish Highlands.
    Sphagnum Moss is a great plant.

  9. So when do you get water from a stone? Because all I'm seeing is water from moss.

  10. water……..ALWAYS downhill,,,…. Moss needs good rain/water supply to grow where I'm from.
    If I have this, It seems I could find as h20 easy as that particular moss.

    Am I wrong????? Just asking. I live in central AR, but hunt the hills in norther AR (Gene Rush, Buffalo etc…. might be diff in other ares……would like to know

    Very nice vid

  11. A great source of water, I myself have used the same method to gather water in and out of the Service. A Canadian Soldier I knew turned me on to The Pure Easy Micro Ceramic Water Filter. And for the size you cannot beat it. The Canadian Soldiers I served with gave me my first one. Most filters on the market are.2 microns but this little filter is .1 microns and I have been able to find them on line for around $30-$40. Great information to spread the word about. Keep the videos coming!

  12. very awesome, if you didnt happen to have a filter you could make one from a t shirt, sand and charcoal. (wich when in a place thats under a fire ban should only be done in an emergency) great video i enjoyed it, keep it up

  13. nice…true, I have seen people squeeze the moss in both hands pointing their thumb to their mouth . Ive never done this though.

  14. You reminded me, as a child I used to suck moss and other stuff for the water, I don't remember any foul taste, we had Coke for that. 😉

  15. Great little tip that I know a lot of ppl do not know. Good stuff & thanks for posting.

    BTW you might want to get a small tripod for your filming – it will aid in the production value of your vids.

    Thanks again, I'm subbing.


  16. Great Video! This is a very good example of how keeping your eyes open can show you what you need in a survival situation. My father showed me a moss press made with a set of flattened wood with a groove carved into the middle. By wrapping and pressing the two sticks together you can press out more water with less effort. More like a base camp set up. I have no need for one where I live but on the western side of the US I have used a moss press several times. Keep up the good work!

  17. wall2rockclimber

    Nice tip buddy, we have some sphagnum moss here in the UK but its the only moss i would use.

    cheers for the link mate

  18. Great tip there – thanks for sharing!

  19. Great Info!!!

  20. @BloodFeatherBushcrft I'm not too sure about
    iodine my self. I would be more inclined to think about the PH of the moss & what PH that pathenogenic microbs can tollerate.

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