OSIS+ Finest Micro Survival Kit PERIOD!

OSIS+ Finest Micro Survival Kit PERIOD!

- in Survival Skills

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Today I test the Osis+ micro survival kit by intentionally getting lost in the dangerous wilderness of Oregon.

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  1. HAHA XD <3

  2. Check see if the matches work

  3. first thing is surely light a fire?

  4. Well. Nowadays, All computers, all iphones are made in China.

  5. Who cares about who got paid for whatever and who didn't, this is a video which has humour (that's English for humor). However for those who want to be a bit more serious, sadly, this is typical of much Chinese fake/rip off crap that we get here in the UK and is not that far from reality.

  6. At least you can leave a good looking corpse :D

  7. shadowstriker559

    I was smiling throughout the entire video, but the comb just made me burst into laughter.

  8. shadowstriker559

    I was smiling throughout the entire video, but the comb just made me burst into laughter.

  9. Hahaha! That was hilarious

  10. Oregon Bushcraft & outdoor channel

    I laughed out loud when the saw broke. Ha ha need a few more vids like this. A good laugh with serious undertones. There is serious junk out there that should be avoided at all costs,

    Great video

    P S I was think you would have Russian wolf hound cooking over the fire pit. Then again, PETA would not get it lol

  11. Oh Cody, you so crazy…. :)

  12. I thought that everything you said was spot on except for the kinda racist dig against Chinese engineering. I'm not sure but I believe the "OSIS" survival kit was manufactured in China for a company outside China. They and not the Chinese who manufactured it are to blame. I'm and American through and through and agree that a whole lot of junk is made in China and sold here but the companies that manufacture their products there are the ones to blame not the Chinese. I'm sure that products that were not up to spec would not be sold by "reputable" companies, regardless of where they were manufactured.
    ps – the great wall of China is the only man made thing you can see from space.

  13. you sound like you need a ambulance

  14. HEY, by the way (and forgive me if you already have a video on this) — what kind of real survival kit wouldyou put together?

  15. That was hilarious!! Really great way to make a point — it is important to have a REAL survival kit, one that you can rely on. Funny!!!

  16. took me a whole 4 minutes to realize this is a tongue in cheek video,i got a few good laughs though! thank you for that!

  17. Great kit for the hermit who never wants to be found. Where can I buy one ? :)

  18. That's a great starter video for the new Wranglerstar Comedy Channel…

  19. You are the Best

  20. Bahahaha!! Thanks for this. So funny.

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