Opening 1959 Survival Food

Opening 1959 Survival Food

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Found some old survival food from 1959 and decided to open it!
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  1. Great video!

  2. go to vikingprepareness and ask Joe Fox

  3. Really cool to see things like this. I'm glad though, that you didn't eat any of it, like Henry Gilman's video.

  4. People are making a big mistake if they use the Best Buy Date on canned foods as the Out of Date… the date is for the store not to sell after he date is pasted..You can know if the food in the can is Bad , if the can swells …

  5. The candy looks like taffy..

  6. hummm looks tasty lol. I remember when I was young the local surplus store use to sell the pound cakes in a can .those I really like they were real tasty. to bad you cant get good ones like that anymore

  7. good old jelly bars

  8. Directions Eat Slowly, Die Slowly

  9. Hahaha, the instructions for opening the can was sealed inside the can lol. Classic…

  10. This reminds me of Fallout

  11. Royal Canadian Air Force?

  12. π Intrepido Φ


  13. Infandous Ktenology

    In the Vietnam war they fed the soldiers(at least the army people on vessels) sea rations that were 20-28 years old

  14. In the late 60's I'd carry 6 of these in my backpack. They where good.

  15. I would take pictures of this and frame it on my wall

  16. Steve1989 MREinfo

    Managed to find one of these and did a little review on it – still love your take on this SubArcticWolf! this is what inspired me to find one and I even ate some of it. heheh


  18. Steve1989 MREinfo

    Canadian RCAF Survival Ration!!!! Nice find, man!! right up my alley! Awesome video and subbed!

  19. fallout 4 merchandize

  20. 420Hamster woo (Ace)

    Dinner is served

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