One Handed Fire Starting Techniques – Survival Skills

One Handed Fire Starting Techniques – Survival Skills

- in Survival Skills

Knowing how to start a fire can mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation, but what if you are injured? This video shows several methods of one handed fire starting and goes over some things to consider in case you lose the use of one of your hands.

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  1. If you really want to train your self to think "one handed", put a boxing glove with the thumb taped down on your dominate hand and wear it for several hours while working. Then swap the hands and do the same things all over again.  It is a real eye opener. 

    You will learn quickly how to use your forearms, elbows and back of your knee, while squatting or sitting, to do lots of things you didn't think you could.

  2. Thank you very much for that video.  It was very thought provoking.

  3. Thank you for a Great Video and Ideas !  Building another Fire Kit from a large round Kiwi Shoe Polish Tin !  The tin can be used to make Char Cloth and with the twisty on the side it may open one handed !  Maybe worth a video !  An Air Force guy on his Nutnfancy YouTube channel showed the AF issued Blast Match (?) for one hand operation and tied and stored to the Survival Vest !  A useful item for the AF guys that hurt there hands pushing a Button !  Water, Knife and Fire are the BIG three (3).  Remember the  "The Ten Essentials" !

    Eyes UP and lights down,  tjl  Sent by Win7Pro64 w/ADSL

  4. Rednecks For Jesus

    Thank you sir for your wisdom. Where do you live, I am in Central Florida close to Ocala and want to learn more.

  5. Great video. Really useful information and I think that Lightning Strike is worth every dime. Thanks, Bryan.

  6. I have two favorites for tinder, fat pine of course is one and jute twine. You can buy a nice size roll of jute twine at the hardware store. It catches with a spark really easy and doesn't burn up fast like other things such as cattail. I found out through trial and error if I use cattail to make sure I have a  "bird nest" on top of it. 

  7. +1 to the Muskrat Jim channel recommendation. 

  8. l cut my left thumb off 3 years ago. After 3 years of P.T., my left hand still doesn't work, fully. Ocassionaly I still wear a splint. lt damaged nerves In 3 other fingers- SO it goes.
    A year later, I broke my left shoulder.
    l've had to find a lot of one hand solutions. I can't even pull up my fly or do buttons.
    Most'one had opening Knives are also looking blade. One, either, or both of these characteristics IS illegal in most states. Now, that's a Challenge.
    sheath Knives are questionable too.
    Victorinox has a great one hander, as does Wenger . Kershaw and SOG have good little ones,. and even Case has a strange one. They're all good. These are folders.
    A good, legal most places (l.e.< 4") . Hattafors, and many puukos are great and legal length.
    And, you Know, a hand axe is rarely questioned Unless it is pimped up to look like a Zombie Killer. Must Jurisdictions class machetes as a tool, not a weapon. The same zombie warning applies.
    Don't gofor cool, do practical.
    Blast Match is a good one handed Ferro rod, recommended in SERE classes,

  9. Just being a smartass here Brian, but I have that same UST match container and there is a small piece of sandpaper in mine for striking the matches. Maybe they didn't put it in the one you bought. What you were trying to strike the matches against is a very tiny ferro rod.
    Great video otherwise!

    A UST Sparkie or Blastmatch is another good way to start a fire one handed.

  10. Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Foskey

    Hey my Georgia Buddy , How you been Bryan.. Us pretty good just hangin with the family for the holidays.. Have a good day brother, i will get caught up on ya vids thanks mitch ,,

  11. William Phillips

    Bryan thanks for the video.  I have used a Ultimate Survival Technologies Sparkie Fire Starter as one handed option. Squeeze the the handle to deploy the ferro rod and squeeze again and push on a hard surface to throw sparks. I paired it with a water tight container (mine is a NuMyth Tohil lighter case) packed with petroleum jelly impregnated cotton ball. I wear both of these on a breakaway ball chain along with my Mora 546G as a canoe kit. And yes I want a Lighting Strike but just can get the cash allocated for it with the other stuff I need and want.  BTW Watching you try to use one hand reminded me of the the Survivor Man where Les tried to demonstrate survival one handed …. he didn't make it half way through the program before he gave up, so your in good company.

  12. Great video Brian

  13. Thanks Bryan, I was shocked how difficult that was and how eye opening.  Great video and was helpful.  Pretty nice weather in that vid.  

  14. Nice job you did a great job of showing the difficult aspects of different things. Maybe you could do a fire starting video about starting a fire if your stuck out in a blizzard. most people forget that aspect of getting stuck out in the cold and no dry ground to pic up tender. you would be in good shape if you were lucky enough to have a road flair in that situation. two thumbs up on the video

  15. Awesome video Bryan! Many good ideas and tipps! Thanks a lot for this, Cheers, Marc

  16. magnus andersson

    Nice video to come home to after hard work all weekend. Gonna do a video from my weiw about the subject. Not the one arm thing thank god;) But about diffrent kind of fire starting metods that we all relly on.

  17. Hope your healing okay, ouch……..Great video and I do keep a single road flare in my bag. 

  18. Pine Fire Fatwood

    Hope you're healing well and great use of the injury to make a really useful video!

  19. "If your in a bad situation… maybe matches aren't your friend."

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