Off The Grid Prepper Survival Tools

Off The Grid Prepper Survival Tools

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Ever wonder what tools you may be missing in case of a grid down scenario? Watch this video to find out what you may need to pickup! Get saws, grinders, and drills that don’t require power to run.

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  1. fantastic video I was wondering if there's a website for the drill and grinder you showed those items are not easily found…maybe an Amish website store?

  2. bertjesklotepino

    off the grid survival?
    We lived on this friggin earth for thousands of years without a grid at all……and now we need to learn to survive off the grid again?
    Man o man……

  3. An axe is definitely a necessity, but for quartering wood, a splitting maul will work much better.  basically it is a fat headed axe.

  4. Enjoyed your video, I think more emphasis should be put on hand tools by preppers.
    Your drill is called a brace , yours has a damaged or re worked wood pad at the end. Most of these are for square shank bits and work poorly with round shank ones. Most like yours has a ratchet feature, left or right ratchet and then locks in place. These are selected by turning the collar behind the chuck. Very common tool and is easy to get a nice one. You can also get screwdriver bits for them and work great.

    Your "clamp" is bench vise, look for better quality ones because low quality ones won't hold up. You want older made in USA , pretty easy to get a nice high quality one at most flea markets for under $20

    Your grinder is missing the tool rest but they are easy to make. I have one I rigged up a foot treadle to and having your hands free make things easier

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