NEW! $2 Bug Out / EDC / Survival Shelter – Transform a Garbage Bag into a Life Saving Shelter

NEW! $2 Bug Out / EDC / Survival Shelter – Transform a Garbage Bag into a Life Saving Shelter

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Save Weight, Save Money, Save Your Life with this Simple to Build, Bug Out / Survival Shelter Made from… Yep, You Guessed It… a Simple 55 Gallon Trash / Garbage Bag.

This EDC shelter is perfect for bug out bags, emergency and survival kits, backyard camping and as a back up to your tent.


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  1. Thanks for posting this, I like this idea for compactness. I have been leaning to DIY tipi shelters and may incorporate garbage bags into a tipi build on one of my next videos. Getting old bones and staying warm is a priority for me these days. Tipi's stay nice and toasty with a small fire inside. All my research and personal experience has shown that a tipi is the best overall design for comfort and time tested too.

  2. damn garbage bags dont work with my lungs

  3. You can also put dried leaves in another garbage bag for sleeping on

  4. Jennifer Campbell

    I carry a large space blanet to use this way. I never thought to use a trash bag. What a great idea! Thanks!

  5. Opal Preston Shirley

    Love the tips you give. David. Garbage bags have so many uses. atb Opal

  6. Dave, great video, and great information, thank you.

  7. Good vid! Everyone always says' Just make an emergency tent from a bag and cordage'…but they don't ever show it. I know, its not rocket science, but it's still nice to see it done with a quality, easy to understand video.

  8. DiddyBushcraftnOutdoors

    For me, the trash bag makes for a good emergency poncho or pad, To give a bit more coverage I would prefer taking a taking black rolled plastic at Lowe's or HD that unfolds and then cut to my preferred size like 6'x8' or what ever you want. It doesn't weigh that much more. As always, great video and keep them coming.

  9. Nice tip David, but it's probably easier to buy a 8' Mylar tube tent for $7


  11. The round stone / acorns in the corner is what I took and will really help me in the future. Good looking out!

  12. You should do a review on the poweradd Apollo pro 23000 mah I just got one and I love it. Definitely an essential to carry. It's decently big so I recommend some research into it before actually wanting it 

  13. yo David can you do a rambo knife review

  14. An SOL two person survival blanket is larger, reflects 90% of body heat, weighs almost nothing, fits in a small pocket, doesn't tear, and costs $6. Plus the bag it comes in holds water. Even better if you have the money

  15. Very good idea, thanks

  16. Sptaro LIFE Tokoro


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