Natures First aid kit: Wilderness survival skills, Bushcraft

Natures First aid kit: Wilderness survival skills, Bushcraft

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Salt: Seawater works as well, Honey lasts for ever good for emergency preparedness, Cranberries are great for you health as well and Garlics properties have documented for years.


  1. So salt water will disinfect a wound?

  2. Thanks for the info, Always learn something new! Looks like you caught the eye of some of youre audience,there, Salika! Very good info, please keep making more videos like this, we may need it in our lifetime yet.

  3. You make a solution and pour it on, and also use it to clean the wound out as well. Yes, it may sting, but if you are that much of a baby,you won't make it anyway, more than likely. Start testing this out now on small cuts and stuff to get used to the sting, it IS NOT that bad! I don't take pain well, but I can take it, so don't worry, we're talking do or die situation, here.

  4. Celox is an external blood clotting agent. Greenbriar is a plant similar to Celox. Plant is indigenous in some states.

  5. Robertlyn Schultz

    Good video, thank you for the effort! I would like to throw-out this… there are numerous books of shammanic/witch/aboriginal crafts that deal in detail the use of natural items in many forms for healing. Usually with instructions for processing and preperation of tintures, pollices, powders, oils… some very interesting thinks can be learned if one is open to diffent perspectives and ideas…

  6. This is crazy! Love the vid

  7. You are incredibly attractive!! Great video!

  8. bongothemagicalmonky

    pine resin also works doesn't it? i heard its an antiseptic and its stickiness also helps close the wound..correct?

  9. Len Stuffleluffleluphagus

    For any kind of wound, cobwebs work perfectly, and absorb blood very well, the only problem is they usually arent clean and you need alot just to be useful.

  10. pure sliver sol gel it works of any thing you can buy it online

    cloves if you have a tooth ache

  11. hiroshi masamitsu

    יhot !

  12. thank you for responding by e mail i guess i cant spell good my question was useing table salt and water to fight infection in (Natures First aid kit: Wilderness survival skills, Bushcraft"‏)
    you sead : if you have a injury you can use table salt and water to make a salution to fight infection. ( do you drink it or pore it in the infected area?) wont that sting hurt or burn and how much water to table salt do you use ???

  13. @richardheadIII womb?

  14. @richardheadIII no…the reason you cant drink ocean saltwater, the bacteria will make you hallucinate and nauseous, and it will kill you


  16. Eating garlic also help keep mosquitos off.

  17. EastTexassurvival

    Just an observation here. Flys are fairly clean creatures compared to others in the animal kingdom. When they aren't flying, eating or screwing they are cleaning themselves. Not trying to come down on either side of this argument cause I don't have the information to make an informed opinion but I do know that even though flys live in the worst places they are clean freaks compared to us.

  18. Maggots do in point of fact work. They have worked not just since ww1 but for centuries. If you are going to make a comment at least research it first. Google is a wonderful tool, use it and you won't sound as though you thought skipping high school was a good thing to do. I would encourage you to check wikipedia it has an excellent article on maggot debridement therapy (MDT then get back to me on how stupid this method is.

  19. is it possible to use onions to replace garlic? and does it work on large wounds that need stitches?

  20. You didn't mention to get rid of maggots you flush them out with fresh urine .

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